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Adèle Théron
I am a Trauma specialist and my corporate results-based background and advanced PTSD training, shapes everything we do. Our team dynamic, the services we provide and the breakthrough powerful results that we deliver is what inspires me.
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Sally Golding
Divorce Angel
Hi I’m Sally – a happily married Brit living in SA. I have six children including two foster children who are all grown up living amazing lives. I’ve spent 37 years helping people from all backgrounds overcome their life challenges. And I look forward to helping you.
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Teresa Kostenbauer
Divorce Angel
I am a Divorce and Break up Angel living in beautiful Colorado, USA. My spiritual background gives me a foundation to appreciate how each client is a gift, and I believe that your trauma although tough, will ultimately help you grow for the better.
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Simon K Williams
Business Manager
As the child of divorced parents - and a mother who never ever got over her divorce, never had another meaningful relationship before she died I am super proud and privileged to part of the Naked Divorce movement. Helping men & women to overcome the challenges of divorce - so they can move onto amazing, powerful, and rewarding lives.
Geoffrey Blythe
Piper Hull
Customer Services

Tantrum workshop facilitators

Anna Numphud
Bath, UK
Anna worked for many years within mental health from in-patient settings, to delivering individual therapy, to research. She worked as a research assistant at Harvard University and as a Clinical Studies Officer for the Mental Health Research Network – supporting large scale, high quality, national research trials.
BSc in Psychology, and a Masters in Counselling Psychology.
Sally Philips
Sydney, Australia
Sally is a women’s empowerment life coach with a passion for supporting women through divorce and relationship breakups. Sally is committed to supporting women reclaim their lust for life and to reconnect with their inner wild woman so they can powerfully embrace this new chapter of their life.
Sally has a Bachelors Degree in Change Management and is a certified Mind Detox Practitioner
Kellie Ahl
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Kellie works with children, teens and their families to develop skills for optimum emotional wellbeing. She blends her passion and background in Neuroscience with a variety of techniques to inspire and empower children and adults to fulfil their potential in any area of their life.
Kellie is a Family Wellbeing Coach with a BSc in Neuroscience, a Certificate in Life Coaching and is certified Relax Kids Coach.

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