The Haven – Cape Town

Transformation is best achieved away from home. Join us for a magical personal journey in spectacular Cape Town.

Helping you get over the trauma and the chaos of a divorce

A special 7 day retreat. Get away from it all and be totally focussed on you, and your healing.

Note: The Haven in Cape Town has not been officially launched. And the video below is currently referring to our Thailand retreat. This will be updated soon.


The Haven – Cape Town

Stunning from Sea to Sky – Lonely Planet

“Visiting Cape Town changed my life. It's tough to pinpoint exactly what makes this my favourite city on the planet. There are more restaurant options than there are days in the year; outdoor activities cover everything from sun-worshipping to hiking, biking and cycling”

Lucy Corn, Lonely Planet

  • Name
  • 1-2-1 support by Sally Golding

    Your Haven retreat includes daily 1-2-1 consultations with Sally Golding

  • 7 day retreat

    The Haven takes place over 7 transformational days

  • Name
  • Name
  • Goal focused

    This is an intense and goal-focused programme that guarantees results

  • Unique

    There is no other programme on the planet like The Haven

  • Name
  • Name
  • Discreet

    Your Haven experience is a private and personal one, full of discovery and growth

  • Ongoing support

    We're there to support you even after your Retreat finishes, with an additional 30 days' of support

  • Name


What dates are available?

These are constantly changing…


Please contact us to receive more details.

Is this a group event, or a solo event?



At the time of writing The Haven is only available as a solo experience. If you would prefer, or are interested in a group event please contact us – the more enquiries and interest we have the sooner it will happen.


What results can I expect?

Based on our previous Retreat customers, here’s the results you can expect to receive…


Get over your divorce

Feel clean and empty about your past, and excited about the opportunities that await you again

Improved sleeping patterns

Reduction in emotional highs and lows

A higher rate of productivity

Increased energy levels

Feel creative and alive

Stop jealous and obsessive thoughts

Clear direction and future

Happier and stress free

More emotionally stable than you have ever been

Peaceful interactions with your ex

Reconnect with yourself

Increased strength and resilience

What healing steps are included?

All of them…


Whilst (as the name suggests) our 21-day programme runs across 21 days. In this unique dedicated Retreat environment, students are more focussed and we can move more swiftly through the programme, virtually completing the whole programme in just a few days.

We do have some pre-event calls to set you up ready for your transformational journey.

And we follow the retreat with up to 30 days of support including twice weekly calls with your Support Angel to ensure your transformation is complete.

How long is The Haven Retreat?

7 days


If you have more time you can complete the same programme with the same quantity and quality of support over 9 days giving you 2 rest days within the programme.

You can of course extend your stay as long as you wish to take advantage of, and experience the full beauty of your location.

What’s included in The Haven – Cape Town?



Guaranteed to transform your life

7 days of intensive 1-2-1 coaching and counselling

2+ hours of healing-focus per day

1-2-1 counselling with Sally Golding

Daily Break up Reboot audio sessions

Tantrum Emotional Release Day

Therapy Session

Airport transfers

More than 21 hours of personalised 1-2-1 support like you have never experienced before

All Naked Divorce Programme Material and DVD/Audio programmes available online

30 days of follow up counselling sessions, twice a week for 30 mins to ensure all the breakthroughs are truly embedded into your life

You have the option of extending your programme to 9 days at no additional cost, with the same quantity and quality of support to include 2 rest days. On your rest days you might like to;

• Visit table mountain

• Visit Lion’s Head

• See Cape Point

• Visit Robben Island

• Visit one of Cape Towns beautiful museums

• See Penguins

• Go to the beach


Note: Lunch and dinner is not included unless you have a scheduled session over that time

Can I extend the programme from 7 to 9 days at no extra cost?



I’m glad you asked-

Yes- you can extend your programme from 7 to 9 days, to include 2 Rest Days. Some students who have extra time available appreciate having two breaks during the programme to unwind, and take more advantage of the beautiful setting they find themselves in.

The quantity, and quality of the support is unchanged.

Please notify us if you wish to extend the programme to 9 days as soon as possible, so we can adjust your support sessions appropriately.

What’s not included?


Our packages do not include flights.

Some packages include accommodation, some do not.

Please read the details for further clarity.



I have more Questions

No problem…


We are happy to answer any questions that you may have. Just send us your email and we’ll get back to you with an answer as quickly as possible.


  • Whats it like?

    A unique experience. Challenging, confronting at times, but ultimately incredibly rewarding




"Very powerful, absolutely great!"

"I wanted to be a completely new woman with a new outlook on marriage.

I really encourage people to do this program It’s easy. It doesn’t take anything and it supports you every moment of every day."



"Commit, Go for it!"

"I was really sad, really desperate, feeling alone. The program is a constant journey of self recovery. You feel good every single day.

I learnt the reasons behind things and about myself and I’m looking forward to continue my journey. Recommended."



"Healing journey!"

"I feel like I’ve rebuilt my foundation and enabled me to feel the beauty and all of the things that can come in life that are brilliant afterwards.

So I really recommend the course, don’t delay, get stuck in with your own healing journey."



"The most incredible thing."

"When my breakup happened I felt I wasn’t where I wanted to be or where I should be.

I was both optimistic and skeptical about the program, but it was one of the most incredible things that has happened to me. You see the things for yourself, it’s just the most freeing experience. A real sense of peace."

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