Want to get over your divorce, but don't know where to start?

This short video course will answer all your divorce related questions, and get you on the road to recovery…


Delivered by renowned relationship and divorce coach Adèle Théron

71% – Feel Lost & Confused!

42% – Struggling 3 Years Later!

32% – Will Divorce Again!

The 10 Most Important things to heal from divorce…

Don’t fall into the trap of False Healing

Within this section, we cover some very important information to ensure you don’t fall into the trap of False Healing which can lead to Relationship baggage and to failure in future relationships. We focus on False Healing and it’s impact on illness, how it can lead to resentment, bitterness, destructive behaviour, having a negative impact on those closest to you (including tour children). Learn what to focus on to get over your divorce.

How your secret and true agenda is sabotaging your healing

Learn the truth about breakups and divorce and learn how we sabotage our healing with all kinds of unconscious behaviour. Find out what your secret true agenda is and do an exercise to bring awareness to the real impact of your divorce on your life

What it really takes to heal from a breakup

Learn what the Healing formula is for healing from a breakup. Learn the steps so you can follow them into healing

Handle your emotions like a Pro

In this section, you will learn how to ‘use’ your emotions to heal from your divorce. Discover how you use STEATs to check out, learn the steps to move through the Orb of emotions like layers of an onion, handle the rollercoaster of emotions like a pro and distinguish between the Grieving cycle vs. the Healing cycle


Learn how the right diet can enhance your ability to heal. By eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones, you can avoid erratic behaviour, control your hormones and bring balance to neurotransmitters which have gone haywire. We give you a Shopping list for the best foods to eat.

Time and Healing

Learn all about time and how it doesn’t heal wounds. It’s action and what you do with your time that matters and impacts your healing journey.

Handle your Friends & Family like a Pro

Learn how to deal with your friends & family after your breakup. Discover why they are sometimes not the best support, how to deal with them when they are being ‘weird’ and find yourself a Divorce Angel (we provide the guidelines for what this kind of person should be like)

The Ex-Factor: Handle your Ex like a Pro

Learn how to handle your ex without getting weird including how to handle scenarios when you have no children together as well as the etiquette for when you do have children together. We also give you guidelines for how to handle angry outbursts from your Ex

Supporting your Children through your divorce

Learn the steps to limit the damage divorce will cause your children. Learn about the normal reactions children have during trauma, what the best practices are for helping them cope with trauma and learn the components of putting a great Parenting Plan in place

Handling your Career like a Pro

Don’t screw up your career because of your divorce. Learn general Tips and Best Practices to keep your career on track including best practices to keep your career on track as an employee and as a manager or self employed person. We even provide a great exercise for what to do when you feel emotional at work

"Time doesn't heal all wounds – action does!"

Adèle Théron

Etiquette of Divorce

Short but comprehensive video course – will answer all your divorce related questions…

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38 video lectures in total. 8 PDF Resources. 4 Exercises = 1 Standout Course.

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"Very powerful, absolutely great!"

"I wanted to be a completely new woman with a new outlook on marriage.

I really encourage people to do this program It’s easy. It doesn’t take anything and it supports you every moment of every day."



"Commit, Go for it!"

"I was really sad, really desperate, feeling alone. The program is a constant journey of self recovery. You feel good every single day.

I learnt the reasons behind things and about myself and I’m looking forward to continue my journey. Recommended."



"Healing journey!"

"I feel like I’ve rebuilt my foundation and enabled me to feel the beauty and all of the things that can come in life that are brilliant afterwards.

So I really recommend the course, don’t delay, get stuck in with your own healing journey."



"The most incredible thing."

"When my breakup happened I felt I wasn’t where I wanted to be or where I should be.

I was both optimistic and skeptical about the program, but it was one of the most incredible things that has happened to me. You see the things for yourself, it’s just the most freeing experience. A real sense of peace."

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