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How lack of concentration kills our ability to focus the mind on healing

How do you focus your mind in an era of multiple distractions?

We are living in an era of an information overload. Vast varieties of technology everywhere we look, that it has become essential to one’s survival or so it sometimes seems. An average employee receives thousands of interruptions every day, from instant messages and texts, e-mails and internet calls to the good old regular telephone ringing.

So it is hardly surprising that focus is becoming harder to find and concentration spans are shrinking: Technology today can kill our ability to focus on one specific thing at a time. The internet is full of different opinions and different ways to do things, there’s always breaking news and a wide variety of subjects that can keep us preoccupied and distracted for hours upon end. We have taught ourselves to multitask which in other words could be used as to scatter the brain’s attention. Having Time to centre the mind on ONE single subject and give it our full concentration and attention is increasingly in short supply. Our brains are getting worn down by everyday life so when it comes to an emotional crisis like breakups and divorce it’s not a shell shocker that it’s incredibly difficult to focus on our healing. But as I have reiterated before, healing will not come to you if you don’t take the time to focus on it, and if your focus is not in full concentration and with intention you are not going to get very far.

Healing takes commitment and initiative. So you need to get your perspective intact and make a way to focus on what is really important. YOU. The era we are in and the busy schedules we juggle don’t make it easy, but there are ways to regain our focus that doesn’t need to be rocket science. You need to make a conscious and constant decision to put yourself in the right frame of mind and commit to rejecting distractions.  So you might not have time to take a holiday and spend 7 days in the south of France relaxing on a Yacht, BUT you CAN take a break from your busy schedule by switching your phone and wireless off for an hour, close your door and just enjoy getting into one thing. Make time for yourself or you will lose yourself. Today’s society isn’t slowing down, every day there is new things, new challenges, faster moving procedures and it’s not all going to suddenly all stop.

You need to nurture ‘high quality focus times, you need those times to ALLOW yourself to heal. We all WANT to heal? Yes. No one wants to be broken and in emotional turmoil, so the only way to get out is take time out, keep perspective, and put your foot down for YOURSELF and focus on your healing.

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