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Are You Ready for Divorce?

Divorce is a massive decision to make in anyone’s life; you need to carefully evaluate if you are ready to take that step.

Watch this video to evaluate your state of mind to ensure that this big decision is definitely for you; if not, get counselling to work through your issues first!

I answer questions like:

1. How do I know if I am ready for divorce?
2. What about the children? Should I stay in the marriage for the sake of my children?
3. Many women are stay at home moms or not the main “bread winner”, they are too scared to get a divorce for fear of not coping financially – what would you say to these women?
4. What should I be considering in order to know if I am ready for divorce?
5. What legal considerations should I know (i.e my legal rights financially, my children’s etc) or be thinking about when considering divorce? Tell me a little about the process I can expect in the divorce?
6. Is it possible to heal a broken heart?

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