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  • Sally Golding

    As a divorcee, single parent of six children, relocated first to Thailand and now South Africa – I know all about change

I'm Sally

Hello, I’m Sally, 60 years old with 4 children plus 2 foster children, all grown up and living happy and successful lives.

I’ve been privileged to live and work as the Director of a Foundation for the underprivileged in Thailand for over 27 years, which has given me a strong background in counselling and guiding others as they make life choices. I was thrilled to be invited by Adele to become a Divorce Angel having met her in Asia.

I’m currently living in Cape Town, South Africa with my new husband in a stable, fulfilling and wonderful relationship.

I was a single parent for over 8 years before I met my new husband. Although my marriage break-up was amicable at the time, it fell apart once my ex moved back to USA, and I was left feeling very alone, carrying not just the parenting but the financial strain of raising our children.

Some photographs of Sally Golding in her humantarian work in Northern Thailand

It led to me feeling resentful not just of my husband but of others who had stable, supportive relationships around me. The Naked Divorce program brought it all into perspective, while having somebody walk with me through the journey helped to validate the emotions I was going through.

As I look around me here in SA I see many people who are facing divorce challenges which I know the ND can help through the concrete, well set-up program and I’m confident I’m going to enjoy helping others move through the program, come out reborn and ready to begin the next stage of their lives.

I am passionate that if we are unhappy or restless we should evaluate our lives and change the things that need to be changed and I know ND will help you do this!

Note from Nada

“Dear Sally, 

I would not have healed in this short time if you were not there with me, supporting me, listening to my fears and comforting my heart with your merciful hand. It is a blessing having you as a Divorce Angel.

You know very well what an angel does and you did it perfectly.

I am so happy that I ahve done this program with you and I am proud of all the courage that brought me here and allowed me to work on my bitterness and sadness”


Nada joined Sally in Cape Town, South Africa for her 7 day Divorce Haven Retreat.

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