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    You might be asking how on earth a corporate change management specialist started this business – well – it’s a good question!

Happily Married

I was a happily married person back in 2008 – but in actual fact, I wasn’t all that happy. It was something I told people over and over again and wasn’t sure I believed it anymore. 

I had a big corporate career and have worked on some of the world’s biggest transition projects globally as I specialised in moving people through big corporate changes fast BUT I was in an unhappy marriage. 

It was April 2009 that my ex-husband dropped the bombshell: he had cheated and he was leaving me. I felt like the ground was going to swallow me whole. As he left the house, I stood in my kitchen totally unsure of what on earth I was going to do with myself. It was during this time of wild craziness and anxiety that I visited 3 therapists (I kept firing them out of boredom at the slow pace and the doctors kept throwing new ones at me). I was utterly astounded at the nonsense being fed back to me. One by one, they said it would take me years to recover. They said I had big issues from my childhood that needed unpacking. They said I needed at least 2 years of therapy.

Well, when I heard that, I was outta there. I knew what they were saying was absolute BS. Everything I did in my work was about producing major transformation in a short period of time. If global multinationals could merge 2 divisions in under 3 months and outsourcing projects could take 6 months and I could manage all that – how on earth was 1 divorce going to take 2 years?!? Someone wasn’t being straight with me.

I became mad with anger and in my fury, totally trashed my kitchen and broke alot of things. My mother thought I had lost the plot, but I became reborn across a 3 week process I had designed. As I sat on my kitchen floor, I spent several days writing a process for my own recovery. I knew the stages I would go through and I was going to push myself through them fast.

I got over my divorce in 19 days. I even called my ex and completed a Vow Break with not only him but with the 18 women he cheated on me with. 

I felt powerful and epic.

So you may ask me how on earth is this possible? 

It’s because there is a massive conflict of interest with traditional therapists. Traditional therapists have the wherewithal to treat patients quickly but they don’t. Because they are paid by the hour (and not by the result), their job is to help their clients with tiny incremental changes so they don’t become disgruntled whilst keeping them weak enough to not leave.

In the corporate world, change specialists and executive coaches have to use top of the range techniques to move people through changes fast. Unfortunately most therapists don’t use these techniques. The only therapists who pride themselves on working fast are those who specialise in Trauma and PTSD. Those therapists are known to heal people in 8-12 weeks.

SO, I wrote about it. I did a post grad in Trauma and PTSD treatments at Reading University, trained with the Berkshire trauma service, trained as a Family Mediator and here we are. 

I have spent the past 20+ years helping organisations and people cope with change and overcome trauma. I have personally worked with close to 7000 people to achieve rapid transformation either in corporate programmes or one-on-one. 

I have published several books and articles and have been featured in 89 publications as a divorce expert across the globe. My life is ALL about empowering people through change, fast.

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In 20+ years of work at both a corporate level and at an individual level, I developed some techniques and developed a new coaching discipline called Perturbation® Therapy which takes tried and tested Change and Trauma processes and makes them available for people to use on themselves. 

This is not regular therapy.

This is a sophisticated, fast moving coaching discipline which empowers you to get over trauma FAST.

This is a brand new way of doing therapy and the results across close to 1000 case studies have demonstrated excellent results, time and time again.

Consequently I have developed several websites and platforms to deliver this new approach. Namely www.NakedDivorce.com, and www.NakedRecoveryOnline.com.

my mission

My mission is to build the world’s most successful online trauma treatment centre running trauma treatment programmes to help people heal from divorce, break ups, redundancies, bereavements and the emotional impact of heart attacks, strokes, miscarriages and abortions – ALL in 6 weeks or less.

My first programme is Naked Divorce.

Right now I am working on expanding the base and have been trialling more programmes across other traumas. All programmes are implemented using the Naked Recovery® software platform. 

You will find all of these at http://www.nakedrecoveryonline.com


I love what I do

What I love to do with my time is either help individuals with personal traumas or work with large teams in corporations to cope with transitions, traumas or changes in their lives.

I get to work globally either remotely or on site in over 55 countries and within many different cultures. I do my corporate work through my company Luminous.

I am run Tantrum Clubs all over the world. Tantrum Club is dedicated to explosive expressions of personal power and we run through our pop up Tantrum Club events randomly whenever and wherever.

What do I do for fun?

I got married in November 2014 to my amazing Simon and we spend our time building our businesses, motorcycling, having adventures, fundraising for various charities and foundations in Thailand and Africa and travelling.

I live between London in the United Kingdom and Chiang Mai in Thailand and travel every 2-3 months to various locations to deliver my programmes.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I live, eat, sleep and breathe what I do so fun for me is working with my clients or researching breakthrough trauma techniques and processes.

I am one of the lucky ones who gets to meet people when they are at their most vulnerable and walk them out of that space into a new life.

There isn’t a greater privilege or experience than that.

I stand for Courage, Integrity and Ruthless Compassion in everything I do. I believe that my work is what I am on this planet to do.


>BBusSci (Honours in IT Strategy, Psychology and Change Management) (University of Cape Town)

>> Post Graduate Diploma in Traumatic Studies and PTSD (University of Reading and Berkshire Trauma service)

>> Executive Coach

>> Family Mediator

>> Dispute Resolution Facilitator

>> Professional Negotiator

>> Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy™

>> Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) practicing the PTSD Trauma Reliving™ techniques (University of Reading and Berkshire trauma service)

>> Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques and EMDR

>> JAD Facilitator

>> Accelerated Learning Techniques Practitioner

>> Member of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP)

>> Member of ABNLP, TLTA, ABH

My clinical supervisors are clinical psychologists Dr. Elena Pezzini in NCU in the United States of America as well as Dr. Billings from the Berkshire Traumatic Stress Service in the United Kingdom.

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