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Therapies used within the 21-day Programme

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The 43 Therapies used within the 21-day programme…


There are 43 different therapies used within the Naked Divorce 21-day programme which is endorsed by several psychiatrists and psychologists worldwide for the rigour of its design structure as well as it’s option to purchase 24/7 support if required.



[/half] [half] The framework used to tie the whole programme together is known as Perturbation® – a breakthrough self-healing framework in handling the impact of emotional traumas in an effective and time-efficient way. Some of the therapies used are developed by Adele Theron and are registered trademarks of Naked Recovery Ltd. [/half] [/fsection] [fsection] [half]

For the treatment of Emotional Trauma

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  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress) Techniques to tackle Panic disorder
  • In one-to-one therapy in person or online, Angels practice the RELIVING technique to support clients through the emotional trauma
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy through various audio programmes created which support the 21-day programme
  • Timeline Therapy developed by Tad James
  • The Elisabeth Kubler Ross Model
  • 7 NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Master Practitioner Techniques
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Techniques in one-to-one or online therapy
  • Working with STEATS® (Short Term Emotion Avoidance Tactics)
  • Grounded Routine Techniques
  • Emotional Release (ER) Techniques
  • TRE (Trauma Release Exercises)
  • The Tantrum Club® methods
  • The Naked Divorce Anger Management ® Techniques
  • The Trauma Diet and nutrition programme
  • The Worry Buster® developed by Richard Bandler
  • Accelerated Learning Techniques

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Tried and Tested

You don’t have to go through years of counseling and therapy or wait 6 months for every year you were married. Healing starts as soon as you actively engage with it[/ybar] [fsection] [half]

Finding the impact and source of the relationship breakdown

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  • Family Mediation Techniques learnt at the Law Society of England and the United Kingdom
  • Reframing Methods
  • The Vow Break®
  • The Landmark Education Impact Analysis model developed by Werner Erhardt
  • The John Demartini Breakthrough Method
  • Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages
  • Anthony Robbins’ 5 R’s of suppression in relationships
  • Karpman’s Drama Triangle
  • The Imago Therapy Fuser-Isolator Model developed by Harville Hendriks
  • Codependency and Addiction Models
  • Relationship Baggage Buster®
  • The Naked Divorce Principles of Keeping Love Alive®
  • The relationship Polarity model of balancing masculine and feminine developed by David Deida
  • Child Needs Analysis and Parenting Plans developed by various child psychologists cited in the work
  • Fundamentals of Emotionally Honest Communication
  • Boundary SettingValues Analysis

     [/half] [/fsection] [pbar] “I love using the Naked Divorce with my clients!” ~ Dr Beth Goodman, Clinical Psychologist [/pbar] [fsection] [half]

Perturbation® Therapy

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Adele created the Perturbation® Framework after studying renowned trauma techniques developed over 100 years as well as studying everything developed by Ilya Prigogine, who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1977. He is widely regarded as the Isaac Newton of our time. In his work, Prigogine studied how organisms behave and transform when put under pressure which gives us some insights into how human beings transform under pressure too. 

Through research, the Naked Divorce team arrived at a 3-step approach for dealing with chaos and change in applying the scientific theories to practice in the corporate world. The same principles have been expanded into handling divorce, redundancies and can be used in coping with illness, death and results of genocide or even very serious PTSD issues.

What ties everything together is the breakthrough Perturbation® Therapy

[m30] perturbation
[half]In 19 years of work at both a corporate level and individual level, Adele developed some techniques which takes tried and tested Change and Trauma processes and makes them available for people to use on themselves. This is a brand new way of doing therapy and the results across close to 1000 case studies have demonstrated good consistent results.

Perturbation® Therapy is the reason our programmes can operate successfully with very little therapeutic interaction. Adele created this framework after supporting hundreds of people through their divorce. In 2014 Adele was commissioned to write a medical paper on the clinical work adopting this therapeutic framework for the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. One of the conclusions is that the power of this framework is what made it possible for people to heal themselves.


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