naked divorce for women – the book

naked divorce for women – the book

This best-selling revolutionary 21-day healing programme for divorce puts you in the drivers-seat in getting over your divorce. There is NO NEED to suffer one minute more. Buy the book and do the program on your own or get some support from the team at naked divorce.

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The story of The naked divorce for women

36 months ago, I went through a pretty traumatic and high profile divorce. I went through the kind of divorce that would literally mess someone up for a lifetime. As a professional career woman, I did not have the luxury of time to fall apart and was desperate to find a solution. I read 27 books on breaking up and divorce, I went to therapy, I talked to my friends, I talked to my family, I sat in my room, I went clubbing, I cried into bottles of wine. Nothing nothing nothing helped take away the ache I felt in my belly, the crazy emotional feelings or the humiliation I experienced.

Some of it worked, some were trying to make a joke or light of the situation, some were hit and miss but there was nothing that felt right. Nothing that gave me a clear cut process or strategy for how on earth I was going to pull myself back from the valley I found myself in.

Every day I had to confront my colleagues, taking myself off to the bathroom to cry during my lunch hour and trying to sleep at night. I just HAD to get my head back in the game so I could financially support myself.

People around me also gave my really dud advice. They offered intellectual theories and wanted me to look on the bright side of life saying things like…

  • ‘Thank goodness this happened before having children’
  • There are lots of fish in the sea
  • ‘It’s better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all’

Some people would avoid me, afraid they would catch this disease called divorce that I had caught. I felt SO alone and like no one could understand what I was going through.

One morning I woke up and realised I was the one I had been waiting for and I spent the next month drawing on every single change management technique or process I had known or developed in my years within the corporate world. I studied all the experts on change and adapting to change and I learnt things which blew my world apart and could never have imagined. After learning and adapting everything I had learnt, I developed a process for healing from a divorce. The real A-Z process, covering all the bases of dealing with the emotional turmoil, getting over the ex, getting to the source of the divorce and healing the relationship with yourself whilst all the time working out how to keep my head focused on my work whilst I was at work. When I was done, I put myself through this process and it changed my life.

  • I learnt that time doesn’t heal all wounds and that it is what you do with that time that matters – it then became a possibility for me to heal as quickly as I could handle it
  • I learnt to develop the courage to surrender to the rollercoaster of my divorce
  • I learnt all about my emotions and how to balance out my hormones and neurotransmitters which were making me go crazy
  • I learnt how to create a solid foundation for my life which held me together like glue whilst the divorce buffeted me around
  • I learnt how to complete on all the betrayal that happened within the relationship in a beautiful harmonious way, focusing on what I could take responsibility for
  • I learnt about how to harness the energy behind the divorce and use it to transform my life through the process of perturbation
  • I learnt how to heal from my relationship baggage for good
  • I learnt about true forgiveness and how to ensure I didn’t fall into the trap of cheap forgiveness
  • I learnt how to heal the relationship I had with myself and set healthy boundaries for the future
  • Most importantly I learnt how to do all of this in 21 days



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