Tantrum Club on CBS

Tantrum Club was featured on The Doctors television show on CBS.
Can throwing a physically aggressive tantrum be good for a woman’s mental and emotional health? Find out.

Are Adult Temper Tantrums Healthy?



Pent-up stress? Discover the power of seeing red

“Tantrum Club is the brainchild of 35–year–old Adele Theron. A former management consultant, she retrained as a cognitive behaviour therapist who specialises in how to get over trauma.” - Debbi Marco
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Tantrum features in Bliss magazine

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Blake Lively appears on the cover of Madison Australia magazine

Madison Magazine about Tantrum Club

In London, new support group called the Tantrum Club is gaining momentum as women find a different approach to deal with life’s frustrations. The sessions allow stressed-out executives and harassed housewives to come together to let off steam – without getting either fired or divorced.

Anger-releasing techniques include shaking it out (literally, shaking your bod), the [...]



Tantrum Club in Daily Mail

Come along and find out what it’s all about on 23/24 March @VitalityShow Earls Court 12:30pm
Adele Theron, 35, launched free anger management classes in London.
Tantrum Club is a new support group (call it legitimised ranting) in which stressed-out executives and harassed housewives come together to let off steam – without getting either fired or divorced.
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