Are You Using Your Kids As an (Emotional) Human Shield?

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that trash-talking the “other” parent is hurtful to your kids. I don’t have to tell you that fighting and hurling insults at each in front of them will cause them distress. I probably don’t even have to tell you that kids naturally blame themselves when their parents… Read More

Sad depressed woman sitting outdoors

Divorce can bring out the worst in us. Don’t let it turn you toxic

To say that divorce is a nasty time is a serious understatement. Your world is crashing down around you. You’re feeling hurt and betrayed by the person you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with. You’re angry and upset. You sure as hell don’t feel like being mature and understanding right now. Trouble… Read More


Don’t Do It! Why You Are Not YOU in a Trauma

I’m still chuckling from a hilarious call with one of my Angels-in-Training Teresa in the States. We could not stop laughing about the things we have to do to keep our groups on track on the 21-day program. Just another day someone posted that they were ‘just settling into the garden chilling enjoying a beer’… Read More

Mind Body Green

MindBodyGreen: Do You Freak Out Over Every Little Thing? Here’s How To Get Resilient

When you are resilient you have the confidence to let your defensiveness drop and you can truly relax and enjoy life. Remember, you are in complete control of your mind, your feelings and your life. Complete 100% control. Perhaps you just forgot that for a while, like we all do sometimes. It is going to… Read More

Boiling with Anger_Woman

Are You a Closet Bunny Boiler?

Be honest, do you sometimes plan or even carry out rage-fueled revenge plots like in the movie Gone Girl? Or worse, when you watched Glenn Close boil Michael Douglas’s bunny, did you secretly nod in sympathy? Find out right now for sure if you’re a closet bunny boiler, take our free quiz: The ‘How Messed… Read More


The Wonderful Benefits of Being Miserable

Being miserable is just great, don’t you find? It’s an art form that’s well worth cultivating. It brings so many benefits to our lives, which is of course why so many people do their very best to excel at it. Misery doesn’t bring you a better life in any of the shallow, flighty, surface ways… Read More


Have You Breached Your Personal Integrity?

Giving your word to something is SACRED. Your word is who you are. When you make promises you cannot keep, you are plagued by guilt. We all are. If things aren’t working out in your life and everything seems to be going wrong then it’s not weird karma or voodoo – it’s because you’ve breached… Read More

Poor me

Poor Me Syndrome (the New PMS)

Some people just love to enroll everyone in their lives in a sad story so they can get attention, have a sad story to hide behind, and not live a happy fulfilled life. Perhaps you know someone like this. Perhaps you know someone like this… intimately? You know when you’re stuck in this rut when… Read More


Feeling Valentine’s Day Anxiety? 7 Steps to Release and Enjoy the Game Again

Has Valentine’s Day last week gave you that lonely, anxious feeling? Well stop it. It’s just a game, and here’s how to remember how to enjoy it. Around this time of year being lonely drives some people into total anxiety about finding the one. The thing is, finding a life partner isn’t about being all… Read More


Are You A Giver Or A Taker In Your Relationships?

Some people live life being just on the take – looking at what they can get out of every situation. They’re also not interested in doing something unless they get something in return. In some way none of us will do anything unless we get something out of it but true joy in life comes… Read More