Are You Using Your Kids As an (Emotional) Human Shield?

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that trash-talking the “other” parent is hurtful to your kids. I don’t have to tell you that fighting and hurling insults at each in front of them will cause them distress. I probably don’t even have to tell you that kids naturally blame themselves when their parents… Read More


Adele graces the Cover of City Life Magazine!

Well I never imagined our Adele would grace the cover of a magazine, let alone an awesome publication like City Life Magazine. She is of course naked. Again. But that is how we all know her anyway! It’s a brilliant article and gives you the background of what she is all about and how her… Read More


The importance of focusing on yourself during a break up

Learning how to move on from a break up can be tough. If it wasn’t your choice, or perhaps it happened in a painful way, it’s tempting to dwell on your ex and what they are doing. But this is damaging. It stops your emotional healing and prevents you from moving on. However, change can… Read More


Are you holding on to your divorce suffering?

For many of us there is a moral dilemma with divorce: do we take the steps to move on or do we stay stuck and suffer? For some, moving on may feel ‘wrong’. Consider that if you are staying stuck in your pain, something else is going on – take a look at this video…… Read More


How listening to music can help healing

Music is – The art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Music is an incredible aspect of life that is quite often not recognised of it true potential and value it holds. According to an article on “Mail Online” Easy listening… Read More


You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that got you there…

Ever been stuck in a situation or a problem but not known how to get out of it?  Life throws us lots of different hurdles and hiccups along the way and people disappoint us and we disappoint ourselves. But our biggest mistake is not when we first make that mistake, because our past can determine… Read More


I just spent £5,689 on my therapist and I am STILL not over my divorce!!

The NEVER-ENDING cost of therapy in healing from divorce I was skimming through the web reading up on people testimonials on “Therapy” and came across one particular case, where a 39-year-old professional woman is being treated for major depression. She has been with the same therapist/psychologist for 9 years and has made progress, healing from… Read More


How the hell do I get back into the dating game after divorce?

Find out some great tips here, including: Getting yourself sorted out first – get your past complete! Sort out our ex hexes from way back in the past (do you get insecure, angry or crazy in relationships), if so find the source of your divorce here Ponder the qualities of the person you want to… Read More


Handling the Aftermath of Divorce – a 2 hour radio interview

On Thursday 19th January, myself, divorce solicitor Kate Smith and Child specialist Stacey Hart, who runs workshops for kids going through impact of divorce had a 2 hour radio interview on ON FM’s Dream Corner show (101.4 FM) with Viv Oyolu. To listen to the show and find out times, go to www.dreamcorner.co.uk. Listen here: THE… Read More


The benefits of Family mediation…

Between 32-55% of marriages end in divorce. Although this statistic is pretty dreadful, it’s a sad reality about marriages today. The actual process of separating and divorcing is relatively straightforward, and it is possible for a couple to complete the task themselves without professional help, for a small sum of money in court fees. However,… Read More