Adele graces the Cover of City Life Magazine!

Well I never imagined our Adele would grace the cover of a magazine, let alone an awesome publication like City Life Magazine. She is of course naked. Again. But that is how we all know her anyway! It’s a brilliant article and gives you the background of what she is all about and how her… Read More


You are 30% more likely to divorce THIS FRIDAY!

How incredibly sad? There is actually a D DAY where family law firms and lawyers see a SPIKE in people enquiring about divorce and that day is the first day back to work after new years, i.e. Friday 3 January 2014. More than any other day, there is a 30% spike in enquiries on this… Read More


The importance of focusing on yourself during a break up

Learning how to move on from a break up can be tough. If it wasn’t your choice, or perhaps it happened in a painful way, it’s tempting to dwell on your ex and what they are doing. But this is damaging. It stops your emotional healing and prevents you from moving on. However, change can… Read More


How does divorce impact your brain’s function?

We all know what’s meant by trauma, don’t we? A divorce, miscarriage, a bereavement, serious road accident or being caught up in a natural disaster can destroy a person’s sense of who they are and what it means to be in the world. Any physical damage may or may not heal over time, but psychologically,… Read More


Revenge is never the answer!

For those who have not been following the trial of Chris Huhne (ex member of Parliament and Energy secretary in the UK) and his ex wife Vicky Pryce (a respected economist) over her claiming that she took his speeding points has been quite the drama to watch. In a nutshell: They were the power couple,… Read More


The links between healing and health

Weight issues caused by the weight of Heartache, a touchy subject and quite often one that is swept under the rug, WEIGHT GAIN, and WEIGHT LOSS, Both complete opposite issues but both birthed from a similar place, which is often emotional issues, Insecurity, Pressure, heartache, and in numerous cases, break up and Divorce, An outreach… Read More


Are you holding on to your divorce suffering?

For many of us there is a moral dilemma with divorce: do we take the steps to move on or do we stay stuck and suffer? For some, moving on may feel ‘wrong’. Consider that if you are staying stuck in your pain, something else is going on – take a look at this video…… Read More


How lack of concentration kills our ability to focus the mind on healing

How do you focus your mind in an era of multiple distractions? We are living in an era of an information overload. Vast varieties of technology everywhere we look, that it has become essential to one’s survival or so it sometimes seems. An average employee receives thousands of interruptions every day, from instant messages and… Read More


How listening to music can help healing

Music is – The art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Music is an incredible aspect of life that is quite often not recognised of it true potential and value it holds. According to an article on “Mail Online” Easy listening… Read More


You are stronger than you think…

Just like the picture, finding your strength and realising your attributes are found through the struggles and the pain in life. Not when things are easy and you FEEL you are at your strongest. It is through the weak moments that you learn and become stronger because of those circumstances. A bag of Tea may… Read More