A rant about having sex with an ex whilst healing

There is an article in the Daily Mail today entitled “Why ‘ex-sex’ CAN be a good idea: Sleeping with an old lover lessens psychological distress of break-up… if you’re not over him” (You can read all about it here: LINK)
Apparently research from the University of Arizona (published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology) [...]



Creating your dream relationship blueprint

The most important place to start is to ensure that you’ve made a big, clear, wide-open space in which to create your dream relationship blueprint.  That work is the work that takes the courage to heal ethically, to find the sources of your previous relationship’s break-up or divorce. So if you’ve not done that, why [...]



Are you single or living alone? You are not alone on that one!

Claudia Connell on Mail Online gives a painfully honest account of how she came to be living alone in middle-age: Now in her 40′s, Claudia talks of how her single life, which was once embraced and celebrated for its exciting perks, has lost its gloss.
Claudia states: “I was part of the Sex And the City [...]



It’s NEVER to late to find THE ONE…

Jane Fonda who is 74 (the former fitness guru) recently revealed that she has been having the best sex of her life in the last few years. Jane – who has been married three times – said she and her partner Richard Perry, who she first met 40 years ago, had discovered ‘true intimacy’ and she was [...]



Some AWESOME dating tip audios from my friend Candy Janetta!

I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine who helps people find their perfect match after divorce.
She is a relationship coach and author of ‘How to meet your perfect match’. Her name is Candy Janetta.
She is happily married and helped hundreds of single people to get the relationships they want. You can [...]



How the hell do I get back into the dating game after divorce?

Find out some great tips here, including:

Getting yourself sorted out first – get your past complete!
Sort out our ex hexes from way back in the past (do you get insecure, angry or crazy in relationships), if so find the source of your divorce here
Ponder the qualities of the person you want to date in the [...]



Some Principles of Keeping Love Alive…

I am sometimes really frustrated that the education system today does not prepare us for what it TRULY takes to make a romantic relationship work in the long-term. I wish that I had known some of these principles before I got married. Unfortunately I had to make all the mistakes before I learnt all [...]



Dating After Divorce…

I’m often asked: ‘When is a good time to start dating?’
One of the difficulties women face when they’re ready to start dating is where and how to start. Starting too soon or for the wrong reasons is not going to help re-build your self-confidence or help you become open to new intimate relationships.
Let’s not overlook [...]



Attract an opportunity for your Dream Relationship in 21 days!

So what is it that you are looking for in your dream relationship? To attract an opportunity for your dream relationship into your life in the next 21 days takes some action!!
When it comes to attracting the partner of your dreams, your unconscious beliefs are more powerful than your everyday thoughts. You cannot re-programme your conscious [...]



The Rebound relationship… To do or not to do…

I’ve known women who have started dating almost immediately after divorce. Others may enjoy what are known as ‘transitional sex partners’ These are usually people who become good friends and bed partners during the intervening period between divorce and falling in love again.
The important thing is to be clear about the boundaries of these relationships. [...]


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