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Kerry shares her story of completing the Naked Divorce 21-day programme.

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Miss W, Medical Researcher

Before doing the 21-day program I was stuck in the pain and despair of second marriage ending after 24 years in the same way that the first did…with my husband building a secret life with another woman. I was having endless conversations in my head with him and after a year of seeing a therapist in a weekly session, I was still feeling like I hadn’t made much progress. I was seeing a “regular” therapist weekly, but there was no structure to the meetings and at my age (59 years old) the prospect of waiting years to process everything was NOT appealing.When I start the Naked Divorce it moved me along and gave me someone I could bounce things off of in a way that was different from the therapist. I work better when I have directed activities and concrete input in a specified time and this fit the bill…although Adele had to step in and kick my butt to move me through the forgiveness exercise so I could complete the program before I turn 70 ;-> The quality of the program was great and I came further in the time spent on this program than in a year spent with “regular” therapy! This program changed the way I saw myself in the post-divorce process. It helped me to identify and process emotions in a constructive, directed way so that there was discernible internal and external progress.

Miss W


Stephanie Burton, Self Love Coach

I am currently working my way through the exercises in Adele Theron’s Naked Divorce book and I am simply blown away by the powerful transformation held within this process — and considering that I am a personal development badass and have done a LOT of work with other modalities on this already, you can imagine that I am quite selective/skeptical about what I let into my brain.

Last night I stayed up pretty much the whole night working on the “vow break.” It really felt like something truly shifted — I feel lighter.

I cannot recommend this highly enough — there is also an online support course with your own divorce guidance & support. Its power lies in a tiered step-by-step process which acknowledges all the stages you go through — especially the crazy numbness and shock at the start. I just wish I would have found this much MUCH earlier.

If you know anyone going through a divorce get them onto this work right NOW!!! For their sake, your sake, money’s sake, children’s sake, health sake and just to minimise both the time wasted, grudges held and devastation that divorce can so easily leave lingering in your life for decades.

And don’t EVEN THINK about getting into a new relationship before you’ve worked through the metamorphosis and learning questions — you will simply repeat the shame shitty patterns over and over again. Doesn’t matter if your split was 5 minutes or 5 years ago — time heals nothing — action counts.

Stephanie Burton


Gina Hardy, Yoga Instructor

I am sitting here on 13th February feeling really OK about Valentine’s Day tomorrow! If I hadn’t done the course I know I would still feel fractured and scattered and unable to focus on my own journey and probably I would still be torturing myself over what my ex is doing.

I am left feeling so pleased that I did the course and that I had the courage to look at myself so honestly. That is key, willingness to look at your stuff in totally truth. It is the only way to have a future relationship.

I feel grounded and sane and able to make decisions based on a very open, non toxic view of my ex and my life.

Also what I find to be simply amazing is that I have NO desire at all to find someone new now even though my ex appears to have jumped to a new partner. I did the work on the course and I know that life doesn’t re-build in a few weeks and I feel very happy to keep my body and my life private and sacred until I feel ready to date again. My ability to discern and make choices for a future man is real and practical now.

The ‘me’ of old would have jumped to the next relationship without healing from the past and OMG I don’t want to do that again ever. Although I did a lot of work on myself 2 years before meeting my ex and had been a relationship coach, I realised that there are simple fundamental things that each person in a relationship needs and they can’t be ignored. My ex and I also had a spiritual connection with self growth was TOO much in our dynamic which to me blinded the reality of us as ‘real’ people.

The programme was simply brilliant with some definite magic contained within it. I felt held and comforted and each day I had good time to purge and throw all my feelings and thoughts into my journal. SO whenever I felt weak and wanted to text or email my ex, I knew I had work to do. So it became quite easy not to contact him.

The cocoon phase I really enjoyed. I made my bedroom so cozy and comforting and my daily work space felt very nurturing. I really did take care of myself and kept to the no STREATS.

I did fall off the wagon after only 2-3 days on the course after having a couple of alcoholic drinks at a friends party. I told myself it wouldn’t matter but OMG…it pulled me up so hard. I did the piece around my own integrity and OH BOY it landed like a boulder and made me look at so many others things and really highlighted to me where and who with, I was out of integrity. SUCH a useful exercise and focused me then for the rest of the course with new eyes. Such a good feeling.

During the early part of the metamorphosis phase I had 2 breakthroughs.

One that I didn’t really ever feel physical chemistry with my ex. I kept it buried all along (and I don’t bury things normally) , even though I felt so loved by Joel and the sex we had was wonderful. What was such a revelation to me was that previously, I had been very physical with men and had decided (unconsciously) that it never kept my man, so somehow I attracted a man who I didn’t fancy so I didn’t have to feel that insecurity and pain. It was such a lightbulb. Scary but when the truth came up to admit that day I wept so many tears of forgiveness for Joel and it really swept away all the hurt and bitterness.

The second was the tantrum day. I purged a lot but only in about 15 minutes so I worried at first that I had not done it right…however I felt the nothingness, a kind of ‘I’m done’ feeling and what I remember screaming last…the real core wound ‘I am fed up with being the good girl’ – there it was. A life of trying to be good and yet not honouring or even liking the me that was my shadow side. I have always struggled to accept her.

These 2 were WOW! moments for me and they occurred only 5 days apart. From then I felt resolved, calm and really like I had done what I needed to do.

Today I feel like I love myself so much more. I feel I have loved my inner child like never before and honoured my ALL of my feelings. The kind ones and the painful ones. I feel whole and complete and feel that I have placed all the pieces of a scattered jigsaw into a new picutre for my future. I feel resolute and bold and confident and like WOW I am such a great catch now. I feel good about being alone and re-building my life feel my self love and respect is actually intact. My life long neediness has vanished and in such a short space of time I am over my ex largely. I still think of him and love him but that love feels light an healthy and with no pain attached.

The way the course is built has such a natural flow and each piece is as important as the last. The depth and knowledge you gain is unbelievable and SO many people just would never know about relationships until they do this course. You must develop the knowledge to take into schools!

Millions of people are uneducated and unaware of the dynamics and what is actually happening in relationships and that breeds children who don’t know how to relate healthily. We have a responsibility to nurture future generations with this knowledge so we can create more open, dialogically healthy and loving relationships based on healing and growth from the past.

Gina Hardy



I am on Day 21. I am in tears to reach this point. Tears of joy. I really want to review and treasure this program for all the incredible insights into my heart that I was able to see. A lot of the questions were so hard for me to answer but as I took the time to really think and dig deep, the answers that came to me kind of amazed me. Thank you for your patience, support and encouragement. I am happy with myself for not sleeping with anyone, and actually found a deep commitment to sexual purity in honor of my heart’s value.
Mirtha, mom


If you are stuck in a divorce/post-divorce world and can’t seem to move forward AND you work well with a structured program and directed activities, this is the book for you. Adele’s program will give you all the tools you need to free yourself from the prison of divorce trauma…and as long as you are willing to do the work, the rewards are virtually guaranteed. The goal directed activities provide concrete steps that work simultaneously on your mind, emotions, and body…nothing is left untouched. The condensed timeline builds momentum that carries, pushes, prods, and pulls you through the wringer and the pain and into the healing. I was totally blown away by the progress I made and the changes that I saw (both internal and external) within a short time.

Coming from a science background, I did some research into the methods before I started the program and was impressed with the body of evidence supporting Adele’s tactics as they are used in other areas…and with her innovation and insight in applying them to healing from divorce. If you are going through a divorce or stuck with “post divorce issues”, try this before going to a therapist – you might save yourself a lot of time and money and actually have some fun along the way.



Hayley, Film Producer with the BBC

Hi Adele,I hope you are doing well, and also that you remember me!Back in 2012 I did the 21 day course with you and I knew when it was done that it had changed who I was. As promised by you, before I did the course, I would start attracting people were much more positive into my life and that is exactly what happened.I decided after the course that I felt so enlightened that I wanted to enjoy being single for a while. Well, that lasted for around 6 months! I then met a beautiful person. I have never met anyone so grounded, honest, sensitive and loving as her, and I know it would never have happened if I hadn’t done the Naked Divorce. And so, on 12th June, we are going to be getting married! Then, just a couple of months after that, I will be emigrating with her to start a new life abroad.I wanted to thank you for such a life changing experience. It was well worth the discomfort of recognising my mistakes as well as coming to terms with some horrid memories, in order to start attracting decent people, and more importantly, to be able to recognise the people who were bad for me and see the ones who are able to bring something positive into my life. I have never known happiness like this, I don’t exaggerate, the last 20 years were pretty horrid, but I see now that it was all a succession of lessons which were leading me to this point. And now all that is behind me and I am, for the first time ever, feeling excited about my future and truly loving life. Thank you Adele, to you and the Naked Divorce!If you would like to come to our wedding party, it will be held at x (location blocked to protect anonymity). It starts at 8.30pm, 12th June and is in the private members club at the top of the building. Rather than being a wedding reception it is our Big Going Away Party, and so we have invited everyone we know for big knees up.If you can make I’d love to thank you in person, let me know and I will put your name (plus a guest) on the list.

Either way, I will always be an advocate of your work, its incredible.

Thanks again,




Last Friday, I googled “working during bad divorce” “FMLA for emotional duress of divorce – depression.” I was scared. I performed a quick sample test on your website and received a full report in my email the next day. I printed and started reading, taking notes, highlighting – I finally feel understood and recognize in me – many of the things written. I truly think I can move on and feel liberated. My life started over after reading that information. I’ve only gotten a few of the complimentary emails but the report has me moving in the right direction. Thank you. I know it’s just the beginning, and I haven’t even had a chance to deal with being alone because he would not leave me alone and has suddenly become father of the year – but I feel resolute in my healing process. I have to heal – I will heal. Thank you for all your help through this!! You guys are real angels.

Barbara, Retired

Thanks so much for all of your encouraging emails I enjoy reading them. My divorce is going to be October 7 or 8,  and I am halfway through the online 21-day programme AND IT IS AMAZING. I am not very good on computers but this is easy to use and I am enjoying every minute so thank you very much – I feel amazing and again thanks so much for all your encouragement!! Live, love and laugh always


Lizelle, 43

Dear Adele and the AngelsMy very best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
I have literally woken this second and I’ve reflected on all the things I have learnt and you shone out as one of the most enlightening people who lit up the way for me. Your work is immeasurable and so very, very important – words cannot express the gratitude which I feel.
Last night & today are obviously tough ones and I will go and spend the day with Andrew and the boys, but I draw strength all time from all that you taught me and the tools you have given me with great kindness and generosity of spirit – I recognise the extra mile you walked with me.
Always remember that what you do is the greatest gift to the world because it’s millions of lives you touch as each one of us goes out stronger, more enlightened we in turn touch others who then touch others lives.
With love and gratitude and may God continue to Bless you.LizellexxxLizelle


Dawn and Michael

Michael and I were in couples counselling and therapy for months and nothing changed. We decided we needed to file for divorce and someone told me about this 21-day programme. I started doing Naked Divorce to heal from my divorce and did NOT expect to have such an enormous breakthrough. Not only did I find out why our relationship broke down but when it came time to do the Day 16 ‘Vow Break’ with Michael, he was so blown away by my transformation that we ended up getting back together. It’s now 4 years later and although we are still working through our issues, our relationship has completely changed. I now value what we had and we are actively working on the relationship vs. taking it for granted. We have a new foundation now. We know what we did wrong and are working to correct that.
This is a life-changing experience. I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if I didn’t do it. Therapy just didn’t get back to this place. Although the programme is not for the faint-hearted – it’s worth every tear and cent. Just DO IT.
Dawn and Michael

There is a solution and it guarantees your healing in just 21 days!


Ben, Fund manager

Before I did the 21-day programme I had been dealing with my divorce for 2 years. Nothing had really got better so all these people telling me that ‘time would heal the wound’ was utter BS. The online programme is was really great. I found it tough, compassionate and just what I needed to navigate through the mess of my divorce. What I really liked was that I could just get on with it and work on it late at night after work without needing to make time for appointments. I could structure it around my schedule. Time definitely doesn’t heal the wound. Action does.

Rosie, Actuary, 40

Before finding the naked divorce, I was struggling to keep everything together and to cope with my confused feelings about my husband and what had happened. I had relied on my family and friends. The failure of counselling to help the situation before the break up made me reluctant to go that route again. I felt embarrassed by the failure of my marriage and didn’t want to have to lay out the whole story again. When I started on the naked divorce, it was incredible and gave me a more concrete plan for getting through the horrible divorce process and it gave me hope that I can find a happy place where I can truly be me and be loved and cherished.What I LOVED was being able to talk on Skype from home and the whole process being so private and confidential. I found it really effective for my circumstances. I completely recommend the naked divorce instead of therapy as after my first conversation with Adele I felt that she really did “get” me – in less than 10 minutes – my fears of having to spend hours rehashing the horrible history were erased and I found the practical, process-based approach really appealing. Coaching is such a good way to describe this process. There is encouragment and honesty and direction in the sessions, there is the requirement to do some hard emotional work yourself and I certainly felt that Adele really wants me to succeed in getting through the mess and finding my happy place on the other side. I am a different human being now. I am powerful and at peace walking gracefully through my divorce!

Shaniqua, 39

When I say I was all wound up with my husband leaving me – I would be underestimating it. I felt low and like I was in a dark place. I never want to feel that emptiness like that again. I cried many nights thinking what is wrong with me on account that he left me for another woman from the gym. I felt like a shadow and wasn’t smiling or laughing which is how everyone knows me. They all KNOW Shaniqua is a shiny person, a happy person. I felt like he had stolen something from me and I wanted it back. I searched online and found this 21-day program. Then along came these angels and just lifted me up. It was TOUGH to stick with it and not quit. Every day I had my ass kicked but I also felt like they held my hand too. It was worth it. I restored my pride and my sense of self.I am so proud I did it and it’s amazing. This is a life-changing program! I feel like a new woman and my ex can go miss this sweet ass cause he ain’t getting any of it.

siobhanSiobhan, Dentist, 44

The Naked Divorce is fabulous. I didn’t expect to get so much value from my coaching. I have been married before and am dealing with the break up of a 6 year relationship. The insights from the 21-day programme helped me to realise that I need to stop and analyse what was going on. I soon realised that I was not over my two divorce so subconsciously keep attracting the same men into my life over and over again. I was not so sure about wanting to deal with my divorce or about getting to the root cause of my break up, but now that I have, I feel a very bright and shiny future ahead of me. The Naked Divorce saved me years of misery! I am dating again and feel positive and excited about life.”

Sarah Smyth

When I began the program, I was enveloped in grief and just feeling so low and unable to move forward in life. I kept wanting to badger my ex with questions and kept on needing to find answers. Plus, I also was fixated on his new woman!

It took me a few days to realize the coaching was so essential. I had a couple of alcoholic drinks within the first few days of the programme, thinking it wouldn’t matter, but after the integrity piece, it really pulled me into line and I loved the cocoon phase to set my home space up nurturingly. I felt very held and safe.

I highly recommend the Naked Divorce programme if you want to get over your ex way quicker than to suffer for months and even years. You really need to educate yourself about why your relationship ended and how you can take care of yourself for the future and why relationships work the way they do. This programme helps you to get real and take responsibility for yourself and what you want for your future. I felt so held in the programme and it was so honouring of my pain and heartache and that it was actually ok to be hurting that badly. Your own lightbulbs will drift to the surface and you will get some fascinating insights as to why you attracted who you did in your ex. It helped me put all the pieces of the jigsaw of the ending into place to enable me to move on healthily.
Sarah Smyth



I have hurt so deeply and also been nasty but then learned to move beyond the attachment (thank you Naked Divorce for the bulk of my healing) to really allow him and I to start to settle back into our own hearts and ‘way.’ I share because I want you to know that nothing is forever, nothing really matters in the end apart from the journey of loving and learning and perhaps our greatest lesson with an ‘intimate other’ is loving and trying not to attach. With attachment comes the nervousness of loss and so on. He had a profound effect on my existence, more than I have started to comprehend but I am more whole now than EVER and OMG it’s just incredible.

I have lost the ‘need’ for someone. I love me and who I am now (no ego intended) and cannot thank my ex enough for that. To truly love someone sometimes means you set them free to be who they are meant to be even if it isn’t by your side. That shows YOU how much you love YOU too. Don’t hold him/her back for you deny your own growth too.


Em, Writer and Small Business Owner

I wanted to send you an email to thank you for help and support during the time that has rocked my world more than I could have ever imagined:( I knew it would hurt and cause turmoil but the emotions, heartache and pain I experience right down to the bone is something I never could have prepared myself for.
Your videos and informative emails from handling emotions right down to the vitamins that are beneficial to the body during this time have really helped me and quite often I will fall asleep listening to Adele. Not only are the videos strengthening to my soul, Adele’s voice is comforting knowing She too has endured the pain and come out on top.
One of the most powerful lessons I have learnt through discovering The Naked Divorce, is huge to me.
That all too common saying; Time heals. Adele has taught me time does not heal , it’s what is done in that time, how time is used as a tool that heals.A writer and small business owner, this information has changed my world. I have taken a break from working in manuscripts and embarked on writing a divorce journal for myself or perhaps even one day self publish on Kindle. Even if one lady in pain reads it, and I helped in some way, it was worth it. I have started a Business course to help me better understand being self employed so I can flourish, despite the pain I’m experiencing.Thank you again,
jim klein

Jim, Sales Director

I cannot believe I got over everything so quickly. The program is a godsend and I am very grateful for the support during my divorce.I had someone to talk to and help me make sense of the chaos. Mostly I dealt with my anger and became more grounded and centered as a man – I feel really positive about the future as I totally healed from my divorce and am now engaged to be married. Couldn’t recommend the program more highly. It was hard work but worth every penny!

Shane, Musician, 33

My wife left me and I was devastated. I knew she needed space and stuff but I didn’t know how to give it to her. I just loved her so much and wanted things to work out. I was not in a great place for many weeks and then I kind of threw myself into my work, working till early in the morning and I thought I was ok but later realised I became numb. This went on for several months. Suddenly I got this phonecall. She had just completed the Naked Divorce and she realised she made a mistake and wanted to come back. She suggested that we do couples coaching with Adele to work on the source of our split. We did that and it was amazing. I learnt so much about Jen and she about me. I know now how to treat our relationship as sacred. Fast forward a year and Jen is pregnant! Here is a pic of baby Shanifer… There are no words, except thank you…
Update from Jen:
Things are going well over here. The baby is now 20wks old which means we have made it to the halfway point. We had our anomaly scan last week and the baby is big and healthy. We are having a little girl which I am ecstatic about! I see ponies in her future!!! We are taking riding lessons so we can help run our future horse farm. In the last week I have also started to feel the baby’s movements which is pretty cool. They feel like little gas bubbles for now but I am sure as she grows they will feel like a bit more and Shane will be able to feel them too. Thank you Adele!


Helen, 36

I am Helen and a film director with the BBC. I am also gay and had a long relationship with a woman which ended badly and it really messed me up. I found the Naked Divorce by accident and wasn’t sure they could help me because I wasn’t married and I didn’t think they could understand the gay dynamics as my therapists never did. Well, I was dead wrong. I have never felt so understood and empathised with in my life. Adele and the angels knew everything about the isolation people feel in gay relationships and the lack of support they receive within their communities. It felt like I had come home and the Naked Divorce literally saved me from myself. I was almost suicidal before taking it on. I healed and I moved on and I know myself better today than ever before and I am so grateful.

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Sophia, 39

Hi Shelley, thank you for your email. I’ve just completed the 21 day program and I feel at peace with myself and my new life. I’ve no idea if you have direct communication with Adele but if you do please can you tell her from me what a remarkable woman she is and how remarkable this programme is. When my marriage fell apart 3 months ago I wasn’t prepared to wait for time to heal me and was utterly determined to find a way through the pain. And one very early morning I searched the internet for someone or something that could get me out of my living hell and I found this website! I am looking forwards now instead of back and what a difference, so thank you so very, very much. Regards Sophia x

Sam, 46

Before I started the program, I was suffering from lack of self confidence and self esteem, feeling worthless and confusion. I would have good and bad days. I was not sleeping well and couldn’t stop thinking or talking about what happened. I tried to speak to family and friends , called the samaritans once or twice just for someone different to talk to and had some counselling. It was difficult for friends and family as most people just don’t know what to say and just end up spitting out the same old platitudes as they are not sure what to do. The councelling was ok to a point it was nice speaking to someone impartial as they would pick up things that I didn’t, but ultimately it didn’t really give me any answers or tools to move forward with. The Naked Divorce was so different. I had a purpose each evening and I was being held accountable for the work I did. The more effort I put in the more I got out and when I found things difficult or tough Adele was there to gently (and not so gently) prod me and make me think. I loved every second of the program and would highly recommend it to anyone. I was worried that I might not complete the course on my own if it became a little difficult or time consuming and with the coaching I know I would be held accountable and that there was someone there supporting me – even if that meant them telling me not to wimp out and face up to facts! The program is well worth the hard work and effort and you will get so much more out of it than you put in. There are fun days and tough days but ultimately there are the best of you days that come at the end, when you have faced your deamons and walked over them and get on with the fabulous new life that is waiting for you.

Larry, 35

At the beginning of my divorce I was not able to understand why it happened. I did not know how to move on with my life and was in a depressive state most of the time. I had no support or anyone to turn to and felt so lonely and desolate. Doing the Naked Divorce gave me a feeling that somebody was on my side and cared about me. It was such a quality program and I grew so much as a man. Because of the speed and intensity, it was hard but issues were dealt with quickly instead of dragging on for weeks or months. My advice would be that if you do this programme commit to it 100% and follow it to the letter. you will get the results

With a money back guarantee, you only have your new life to gain…


Teresa, 50

I am gay and split with my partner of 10 years a year ago. I was not over it and kept getting visions of her all the time. It was making me feel crazy. I found the Naked Divorce on Youtube and it is the most incredible personal development program/experience/thing I have done. I want to see it on Oprah and told Adele as much. It swooped in and blew my mind. I transformed so much so that I am in the process of training to become an angel. I just love what Adele and her team are doing and want to be part of that.

Ken 40

The Naked Divorce team helped me make a very important decision in my life. I feel empowered and clear for the first time in 10 years. I feel like there is a future ahead of me now. I am extremely grateful for the process’s laser-focus and non-therapeutic methods. It was therapy that made me stuck in a rut for so long and literally 2 hours with Adele and her team sorted me out completely. I highly recommend this service for people who have no patience for therapy and just want to get on with finding a solution.


I would like to let Adele Theron know that my ex-husband Joe died last year on 31st May 2014, which was a day after our anniversary. I am so glad I completed the Naked Divorce before he passed away. I feel I had discussed all I needed to with him.


I have successfully completed your program 21 days and have met my soulmate and love of my life on day 17 in March 2013. He passed away sadly last week of acute leukemia, but he will live on in my heart forever. Thank you for your amazing lifeline. My book, which I started writing in on Day 1, is very precious to me and I will treasure it forever. Thank you for helping me through very difficult time.


From the moment I began the programme, I felt a new purpose in my life. I was doing something for myself. I was taking control back over my life. I decided from the start to follow all the instructions even if I didn’t want to or if I didn’t quite understand why I was doing a particular exercise. I had confidence in Adele to know that there was a very good reason for everything.

The program gave my life a routine and I threw myself in to it. I planned my days and I looked forward every morning to starting a new day with the programme. It was like having a friend beside me who understood totally what I was going through and who knew exactly how to help me.

I knew I needed to understand, and come to terms with, what had happened. As I had little or no communication from my husband, the solution or answers, had to come from myself. This program offers you the light at the end of the tunnel!


Sobia, Architect

Before the Naked Divorce, I was still very focused on the past, trigger memories, all the “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve”; missing my previous married life very much. I was also getting too bogged down with yearning for everyone to pity me as much now as they did when the breakup first occured 2 years earlier. I did feel my life was “over”, in a way & that my ex’s life was much better than mine overall. I had sought counseling through one-on-one therapy in person or on phone with psychotherapists, licensed clinical social workers, family counselors. Just as stated in Adele’s book, these sessions helped me discover & acknowledge a certain family pathology in my personality and my expectations about marriage. What was missing was a suggested blueprint for how to build a path towards an unknown future. Although I did appreciate learning a lot about myself & how my mind worked due to my own past, it tended to keep me in the “past”. I was often telling others I still needed a “hook phrase” to settle into a peace about this life changing event – even though a part of me still wanted the battle scars to be recognized. The Naked Divorce blew everything apart. The immediate impact on my life when I started the coaching was to have a clear calendar (which rarely happened) and for the first time, examine my own self, my own life, especially my own marriage without interruption or outside opinions. I realized early on that this was not going to deal with issues just at face value. I realized it was important to dig deep, try hard to remember every detail & get below the surface. I remember not even wanting to peek at the next Day’s exercise because it was all I could do to face the Day of. The quality of Naked Divorce was exceptional and support amazing. Previous therapy was helpful but not structured nor goal oriented. Simply stumbling across Adele’s YouTube videos where she EXACTLY described the emotional roller coaster without making me feel that I was crazy was like finding hidden treasure. Completing this program will help you overcome the sadness without taking away your right to acknowledge you were hurt (if an unwanted divorce). Doing the important daily exercises will help bring the past into correct focus, teach you about all your strong & weak points and give you permission to see the future in a brighter way…and a path to help you stay corrected along the way.

Your Proven Solution



Alex, Lawyer

I am thoroughly satisfied with the coaching I received. It was brilliant. I could sense that I was killing many friendships by discussing my ex and my relationship issues with everyone. Having a professional make sense of the whole process I was going through and listenning to me really helped. Adele is also really amazing – a straight shooter, she told me exactly how it is and it was SO refreshing to finally have some true answers as to why my relationships weren’t working out or why I kept attracting the same loser guys into my life. I look forward to the future now being ‘baggage clean’ and have already been on a date with a really amazing guy!

Dr Tracey-Marie, 36

I had been divorced for 4 years and wanted to be involved in a healthy relationship. The Naked Divorce coaching really enabled me to get all the issues from the past resolved so I could move forward with my future. I was very impressed with the rigor of the process and really enjoyed many of the exercises we did together – they really worked. I am very grateful to be dating again – didn’t think it was going to happen!

Mary, Entrepreneur

So I worked through the ‘Finding the source of your divorce’ programme yesterday. It was tough but also useful as I really thought about being in the marriage and the dynamic we had. I definitely was the Poodle. I took on the role of wife being subservient in order to try and counter the effect that my earning capacity and super-woman-ness was having on his ego. It seemed that the harder I worked (to get his approval), the more he put me down and I should have made myself more helpless and vulnerable so that he could be the hero. The sad thing is that when those opportunities arose (like when I had my accident and really needed him to step in and take care of me), he couldn’t do it. I made so many excuses for him and even pretended to myself that he was doing things that he actually wasn’t doing. He accused me so often of the checklist thing. I tried to negotiate with him on what was reasonable (especially in terms of time spent with me and the children) and he just wouldn’t talk about it. I think I did do a bit of the mummy thing too but I think it was because I was trying to take on the female role (again to counter the earnings thing). I needed to have asked him for help more and been a damsel. The drama triangle was a hard one to consider. He really is a big bully (“see what you made me do”) and this was his coping mechanism. While saying that he was my biggest fan he put me down constantly and made all sorts of other things much more important than our relationship. He definitely showed (and stated) a lack of commitment. He has this big fear of failure and always holds back so that he has an excuse for not succeeding. He really is very selfish and he keeps telling me that his needs had to be met – without saying what these are! Others experience him as a difficult person – aggressive, opinionated – who needs to be accommodated. And he also let himself go physically from very early on and he made a big thing of it, saying he didn’t care. I always felt this was a public declaration that he didn’t have respect for me or need to put an effort in for me. So I lived in the dreamworld of thinking that when x, y and z happened everything would be ok – he’d have time for me and the girls and we’d live my dream life. In the meantime I worked hard to fill the (leaking) bucket and boost his ego while he bullied me and took advantage of the financial benefits of being with me. It is so much easier to dump me than to thank me. So I’ve learned a lot and thought about who he really is and what he has done but also how I acted and responded that perpetuated it. Truly insightful and fascinating!

Leigh, Fitness trainer

My experience of the 21-day programme and Adele has been brilliant. I found her to be very intuitive, caring and supportive,  highly experienced, and wonderfully direct.  Adele has a great sense of humour and could easily help me to lighten my intensity which was refreshing for me.  She cares about getting results for her clients and gets straight to work, taking no prisoners! Something that stays in mind is hearing Adele say that she will be fully satisfied when I am walking down the aisle, I was touched by her sincerity. I’m 40 years old and since I was 15, I had basically never been single for more than a few weeks.  I left a trail of car crash relationships behind me and after witnessing the last one, Adele intervened offering her help. I said “Hell yes please!”  I was aware that my relationship behaviour was the same with nearly every boyfriend, I was insecure, jealous, defensive and I rarely allowed anyone to get close to my heart. I would continuously break up and get back together with my partners, I drove them, myself and my poor friends nuts! I had an idea that my past experiences were causing this behaviour but I didn’t know what to do about it as I could never seem to break the pattern. The first thing Adele did was ban me from dating for a whole month.. WHAT?! This was to stop me from falling straight into an identical relationship destined for the same ending and actually take the time to heal my past to prepare for the future. My friends thought the date ban was hilarious, they had never known me without some kind of relationship drama going on and were ready to tell Adele if I should cheat.  I didn’t cheat. Then came the homework, which is very powerful, it helped me to identify my negative patterns and to be clear on what I truly want from a relationship. Adele provided me with excellent tools to deal with situations that arose and supported me completely throughout the process. I soon realised that I knew nothing about successful relationships as her advice was always so far from what I would have chosen to do. The homework was brought to life during our first coaching session, it was fascinating. Adele uncovered my subconscious negative beliefs about men which was causing me to attract the same kind of man or situation into my life, she then released the fear attached to that. I found the coaching quite difficult at times because I really had to face myself and that’s not always comfortable  but is essential for growth and change. Adele was amazing she held my hand when I needed but also challenged me, regularly, to get the results we both wanted. A year later and I AM ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED!!!! I actually took my time to get back into dating again for a change and enjoyed not being consumed by my relationship dramas. I was longing for a lasting relationship before and was probably trying to make situations work knowing full well that they never would. After the 21-day programme I was very happy to wait until I met someone special who has the qualities that are important for me to feel secure. I was far more discerning, took time with my decisions and not rushing into dating through fear of missing out which may sound silly, but it’s a big deal for me. My relationships with my family have improved dramatically as well, Adele helped me to release many negative thoughts and emotions from my past. I feel like I have been given a completley fresh start with the insight to make a big difference to my future. I would highly recommend working with Adele to anyone, she has been a huge inspiration to me and a great mentor. From my friends, family, future hubby and I, thank you so much Adele. X

Josephine, 46

When I first started The Naked Divorce coaching, I found that I was still very focused on the past, trigger memories and all the “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve thoughts were very constant and I was missing my married life very much. I was also getting too bogged down with yearning for everyone to pity me as much now as they did when my breakup first occurred 2 years earlier. I was experiencing a sense of feeling that my life was “over” in a way and that my ex’s life was much better than mine overall. Before I found the Naked Divorce I tried to find the right support, I had sought counselling through one-on one therapy in person or I was on the phone with psychotherapists, licensed clinical social workers and family counsellors. Just as stated in Adele’s book, these sessions did help me discover and acknowledge a certain family pathology in my personality and my expectations about marriage. But what was missing was a suggested blueprint for HOW to build a path towards an unknown future. Although I did appreciate learning a lot about myself and how my mind worked due to my own past, it tended to keep me in the “past.” I was often telling people I still needed a “hook phrase” to settle me into a peace about this life changing event – even though a part of me still wanted the battle scars to be recognised. When I started the coaching with the Naked Divorce it had an immediate impact on my life. Having a clear calendar (which rarely happened for me) and for the first time having to examine my own self, my own life and especially my own marriage without interruption or outside opinions was a big step. I realised early on that this was not going to deal with issues just at face value, I realised it was important to dig deep and try hard to remember every detail and really get below the surface. I remember not even wanting to peek at the next day’s exercise because it was all I could do to face the day of. I was very satisfied by the real quality of the coaching. Completing this program helped me overcome the sadness without taking away my right to acknowledge I was hurt (from an unwanted divorce). In doing the important daily exercises, it helped me bring the past into correct focus, it taught me about all of my strong & weak points and gave me permission to see the future in a brighter way…and a path to help me stay corrected along the way.” I Chose the Naked Divorce over other traditional approaches because although previous therapy was helpful it was not structured nor goal oriented. Simply stumbling across Adele’s YouTube videos where she described the EXACT emotional roller coaster I was on, without making me feel that I was crazy, was like finding hidden treasure. I now have goals I’ve created for my next steps in my healing journey.  My Goals in maintaining my grounded routine and reviewing my exercise notes and results regularly help me battle the occasional self doubts and it really anchors me. Actively reading my Personal Manifesto and Daily declarations reminds me that I exist and that I matter! And Through having something to work towards and achieving my items on my… “Before I die list” I find myself adding new ones too. It gives me vision and insight. I would DEFINITELY recommend The Naked Divorce and to anyone who has or is experiencing a divorce.

Jai, 42

I read the book after reading over 20 other books on the subject. I wish I had stumbled on Adele Theron’s book earlier. With her no-nonsense, cut-to-the-chase and logical approach book, Adele walks you through the divorce journey and helps you handle the highs and lows of divorce in a very ethical manner. Divorce is tough and you go through a wide range of feelings. I went through alternating feelings of considering my spouse the villain and the cause of everything wrong in my life and sometimes going through enormous guilt and thinking my spouse was right all along. Naked Divorce makes you work through these feelings and gets a much more balanced view of where things are. I strongly recommend the book and the program available on her website. This program is not for those who just want to feel good or have a book that is temporarily uplifting and then you are back in the rut. This book and the program will make you work. In the end, it is worth it.

Meg, 9

All I want to say is thank you for giving me my mummy back. She was very sad and now she is all smiley again and we can have fun again

Rachel, Environmentalist

Adele is a phenomenal coach and mentor. The progress I have made with her guidance has ultimately given me access to self love and acceptance which in turn has precipitated a romantic relationship with the person I deem to be my soul mate (a relationship that would not have been possible before the breakthrough in loving myself). We have just moved in together and just had a beautiful baby boy! She has also coached me on taking a stand for myself which time and again reaps huge benefits in a variety of relationships around me. Adele is compassionate, intelligent and rigorous and her intuition means that she has an uncanny knack of getting to the heart of the matter.

Mark, Program Manager

I was really battling to concentrate at work. The divorce was such a nightmare that I couldnt stay focused on anything for more than a few minutes. The focus of the coaching and program really helped me not only get over Michelle, but get on with my new life. Helped me with my anger too!

Ben, Male from Paris

About our programme, Ben explains, “I’d made a lot of progress, but was totally stuck with the taking responsibility and forgiving part.” He states he was “Very satisfied” with how things went and would “Definitely” recommend us to finds in need, being most happy with our coaching support aspect. When asked why he chose the Naked Divorce, Ben explained, “I needed something to push me up the last little part of the path that I had been stuck on.” When asked if he could provide a quote directed towards others, he wrote, “As a man that went through a really rough time since my wife cheated on me then walked out 18 months ago, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the program. I’d made progress before signing up, but was stuck with the issue of responsibility. I couldn’t let go of my victimhood. Naked Divorce really worked for me, I’m at peace and have forgiven my ex, I only wish I’d found it sooner, although I might not have been ready. I’ve done some crazy retail therapy since my breakup, but this was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

Joanne, Banker

“Amazing – what an amazing process! I had so many breakthroughs. My ex husband and were not talking at all and I hadn’t actually quantified what the impact of that could be on my life. Everything is sorted out now and I feel amazing about my life. Just to think a few weeks ago I was such a mess. I loved the Divorce Cocoon and still use it today to hold my balance amidst the chaos. Thank you for designing this process which held me together during the emotional highs and lows I was experiencing. I have a very demanding job and it meant so much to be able to keep my head in the game and not lose a moment”

Farren, Attorney

After my divorce, I was in a state of despair. Everything was affected by my depression. My kids were suffering, my business was faltering, my family and friends were deeply concerned about me and I couldn’t even imagine feeling better. I tried everything- a support group, counseling and even medication. Nothing helped. Right when I hit rock bottom, I ran across the Naked Divorce program. I was very skeptical, but was willing to try anything. I finished the course and I am a new woman. I was lucky enough to work directly with Adele and she was amazing.

The structure of the course gave direction to my life so I could begin putting myself back together. My Divorce Angel was there to walk me (often dragging me kicking and screaming) through the fire and see me safely through the other side. The exercises really work in ways that are shocking and I was amazed at some of the insights and breakthrough I had during the program. I am transformed and now see my divorce as a blessing.

I promise that if you put your heart into this program, you will come out whole and healed from your divorce.


Russ, Investment Analyst

From an initial chat with ongoing consultations and exercises, I fully recommend her service which restored my self-esteem after just one conversation. I have gotten over my ex and after a year of celibacy, have finally let go with another woman. I feel like a new man!

Suzy, Starting over Show

Adele brings energy and clarity to a time of great confusion – the emotional chaos of divorce. Her detailed and creative programme of recovery is a valuable addition to the Divorce in a Box resources both in the UK and US versions. I have used the programme myself and can vouch for it’s effectiveness and thoroughness, and I still listen to the audio resources on a regular basis!

Matt, Digital Entrepreneur

DAMN – the angels are GOOD. It’s like having a coach in your pocket. Quick response, always knowing what to do next — really helped me navigate through the chaos of my break up and know how to handle my slightly psycho ex. Fantastic service!

Kaye, Teaching Assistant, 41

Prior to the Naked Divorce I was experiencing hiding at home and bottling up my feelings. I wrote a diary about things I found difficult to deal with at work. I knew I needed to have closure with my ex husband but didn’t know how to go about doing it. I had made an appointment with a counselling service in Aberdeen and was placed on a waiting list. They were taking too long to get back to me with an appointment. I stumbled across the Naked Divorce online and was so relieved. I loved the programme. I feel that the support was very good. When I purchased the book, I believed I could work through the exercises on my own. I realised that I didn’t have a person who had the time or understanding to be my divorce angel.I decided I needed the Naked Divorce support. Having a divorce angel gave me the confidence in myself to complete the course. She understood me and became a friend.

Maria, 39

I have transformed so much as a woman in the last few weeks I don’t recognise myself. I can categorically say that I have dealt with 35 years of baggage, got clear on why I kept attracting ‘Rescuers’ into my life in relationships, have a better and healthier relationship with my family, with myself, with food and alcohol. I know that the next man will be absolutely amazing for me because I now know something I didn’t know before: I love myself. ~ Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Lisa, Film Producer

I was really battling to get over my ex and had a string of really bad relationships after him. Adele helped me identify where I was stuck and how my anger and upset at my ex (what Adele calls the ‘ex-hexes’) was actually keeping me from having a healthy relationship. I feel so much better after my coaching sessions – things seem so much clearer to me now. I am in an amazing relationship now for the first time in 8 years and engaged to be married! I really didn’t think it was possible, am so grateful!!!

Dianna, Pediatric Nurse, 56

The angels put so much of themselves into each session and I just felt like I was being profoundly taken care of. I have healed from my divorce but more importantly have a new relationship with myself and my future. I wake up in the mornings excited about who I will meet today and feel responsible for managing my baggage and my issues so they don’t cloud my relationships in the future. I feel new and shiny again. It was a terrific investment in myself – better results than any therapist I’ve been too!

Marie, Marketing Director

Before the coaching I thought that my life would either be bad or very bad. My husband had cheated and I believed we would get divorced. The course brought me (my thoughts and feelings) out of the dark and onto a rainbow of positivity hope and love. Today I feel my husband and I are and can have a happy loving life and family together. The programme helped me to come to terms with everything.

Joan, Sales

Adele really helped me strategise how to get my ex to move out and how to have those tough conversations with him. Not only did that get handled seemlessly but I got back into a powerful place quickly and went to war on my baggage from past relationships. It was transformational and incredible. Thank you!

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