New Year, New You: Don’t be like bacon-loving man. Create a Healing goal to move on!

So you ate your body weight in mince pies, turkey,chocolates and drank enough mulled wine to pickle yourself. Now what? Now it’s time to dust yourself off and begin to think about 2014 and the NEW YOU you want to bring into being. It’s an opportunity to become clean, fresh, new and shiny bright. It’s… Read More


Flying off the handle ladies? We have just the thing for you this Xmas…

Christmas cards sent? Check. All the presents bought? Check. School nativity attended? Check. Congratulations. Now you only have to wrap and deliver all your presents, do the food shopping, finish putting up the decorations and cook a perfect meal for 12 people on Christmas Day. Is it any wonder that occasionally things don’t go to… Read More


The Top 10 Reasons Parents Get Divorced

A guest blog from our friends over at www.nanny.net… Very few people get married with the intention of getting divorced. The U.S. Census Bureau and research think tanks such as the Barna Group have revealed some sobering statistics and findings on the subject, though. Overall, the divorce rate is almost at 50%. The news on… Read More


Signs your partner might be cheating on you…

We all like to think it could never happen to us, but sadly, straying partners are becoming ever more common. So what are some of the tell-tale signs that your partner is cheating on you? Here are some common points I have drawn up after evaluating 78 divorces (which ended due to cheating) in the… Read More


If forever single and 50+ – are you a woman who emasculates men?

In a recent article for the Daily Mail, Kate Mulvey bemoans the fact that as she approaches 50, she is not yet married, putting this down to the fact that men are unable to cope with a woman ‘outshining’ them. She refers to recent research confirming this, saying ‘I have lost count of the times… Read More


The importance of focusing on yourself during a break up

Learning how to move on from a break up can be tough. If it wasn’t your choice, or perhaps it happened in a painful way, it’s tempting to dwell on your ex and what they are doing. But this is damaging. It stops your emotional healing and prevents you from moving on. However, change can… Read More


20 Marriage tips for the men…

This article comes from http://geraldrogers.com/ — and I loved it so much, I wanted to reproduce it exactly as it is on my blog. Well done Gerald for sharing your learnings with the world. Enjoy… ————————————————– Below are 20 wise marriage tips from a man that was recently divorced. You wouldn’t normally think that a divorced man… Read More


The danger of suppression: Don’t bottle up your emotions

Any serious scientist will be familiar with the assertion that stress causes immuno-compromise. A recent study by researchers at Harvard School of Public Health has finally put this long-held knowledge into perspective, deciphering that those who bottle up their feelings have a cardiovascular disease risk of 140 per cent and a risk of cancer of… Read More


How Do I survive divorce?

Hi everyone! In this video I talk about how to survive divorce. Some questions I answer are: 1. What emotions can one expect to go through during/after a divorce? 2. What are the 10 challenges you must overcome to heal from divorce? 3. What divorce “survival tips” can you share? 4. What organizations are there,… Read More


A rant about having sex with an ex whilst healing

There is an article in the Daily Mail today entitled “Why ‘ex-sex’ CAN be a good idea: Sleeping with an old lover lessens psychological distress of break-up… if you’re not over him” (You can read all about it here: LINK) Apparently research from the University of Arizona (published in the Journal of Social and Clinical… Read More