Stop Fixating on your ex and Focus on YOURSELF!

Let me tell you a bit about one of my clients, I’ll call her Molly. Molly came to see me towards the end of 2009. She’d been divorced for six years and in all that time hadn’t stopped obsessing about what her ex-husband was up to. In the beginning, she would talk about only one… Read More


How To Survive Thanksgiving Tantrums and Torment With Your Crazy Family!

Thanksgiving is less than a few days away and you’re planning a traditional holiday dinner, which includes a golden turkey as the showpiece of the meal. Although the Mercy for Animals Foundation conducted an undercover investigation on the abuse these birds are subjected to – it is NOTHING compared to the amount of stress and anxiety… Read More


How Superstitions Make You Stupid

Do you have to follow some little daily ritual or your whole day goes pear-shaped? Then stop for a second. And think about it. Actually think about it. Your life being great is not dependent on getting out of bed with your right foot first. Or checking your daily angel card or wearing a lucky… Read More


Stop Saying ‘I’m Fine’ When You’re NOT

Are you always saying “I’m fine” and resisting support? It’s so interesting that the people who struggle the most and need the most help in life, usually don’t see it. They’re the people who push help and support away. They think needing support is weakness. That even admitting you need help is weakness. Do you… Read More


Adele graces the Cover of City Life Magazine!

Well I never imagined our Adele would grace the cover of a magazine, let alone an awesome publication like City Life Magazine. She is of course naked. Again. But that is how we all know her anyway! It’s a brilliant article and gives you the background of what she is all about and how her… Read More


Are You Defeated – or Stronger – for Your Trauma?

Let me tell you a quick story, A young woman went to her mother one day and told her despairingly about her life and how things were so hard for her. She just didn’t know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up. She was tired of fighting and struggling. It… Read More


Is Robin Williams’ death on his ex-wives’ hands?

I had a very tossy and turny sleep and woke up utterly furious. This never happens to me but when I get this angry about something I know a cord has been struck. Robin Williams’ death is utterly tragic. The world has been in collective shock and it’s reached in and grabbed people by the… Read More


Protect your children from the trauma of divorce (part 2)

In my previous article, I addressed issues which can affect you children during difficult divorce proceedings. Here are some further ways you can make sure your children are not negatively influence by divorce. Going through a divorce is emotionally and financially crippling; however, if a child is involved, making sure you do what’s best for… Read More


Finding time for yourself – taking your mind off divorce

Going through a divorce can be both emotionally and physically exhausting. Although recreation may be the least of your worries, finding some time to relax and unwind is highly important. Performing some therapeutic activities is the perfect way to relieve stress and remain physically active during difficult times. Divorce can be financially crippling; however, these exercises… Read More


Protect your children from the trauma of divorce

The fear of hurting your children’s emotions may have kept you in an unhappy marriage, but sometimes getting out is exactly what’s best for everybody. Breaking the news is never easy; however, there are ways to minimize the negatives and help guide your children through the difficult transition. Communicate with them From choosing the right… Read More