Got a Gut Feeling? Your Gut Might Cause ALL Your Feelings!

  Do you ever get a gut feeling about something? I was fascinated to learn that our gut and the health of our gut plays a huge role in how we feel. Almost as much, perhaps even as much, as our minds do. We spend all our time working our brain and the rest of our body to boost… Read More


Don’t Eat That Cookie! Are You Healing or Avoiding?

When you were young did your mother use to say, ‘Don’t cry. Here have a cookie and you’ll feel better.’ And you ate the cookie, got distracted and yes you did actually feel a bit better. For ten minutes. Then the pain came back, and it was time for another cookie. Does this sound at… Read More


Happy Holidays!

If you’re feeling warm today, it’s from all the love we’re sending your way! May this Christmas season bring your closer to all those that you treasure in your heart. We hope you find Love, Joy and Peace! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hugs and xxx, Adele and Divorce Angels


7 Reasons Your Bad Divorce Etiquette is Stopping Your Recovery

Four days into my divorce I hadn’t eaten for three days, I’d been in my tracksuit for 36 hours straight and had chain-smoked 40 cigarettes – and I’m not even a smoker. A huge pile of laundry lay on the couch waiting to be ironed, and used tissues were everywhere. The house was in absolute… Read More


Are You Choosing Your Life Or Just Surviving?

Old stuck emotions held you down, unable to rise above survival mode or think beyond it. When you don’t face those emotions and work to release them permanently you’re just stuck struggling to deal with them day by day, while also trying to operate a normal life and survive.


Sick of Suffering for Others? Stop Being a Martyr!

How can you give so much but feel so empty and angry? Because if you’re a martyr, you’re selfish and you’re not giving freely. You tell others you are, but you’re not. And because of this you’re suffering in silence… and causing it all yourself. The motivation of a martyr is to sacrifice themselves for… Read More


Stop Fixating on your ex and Focus on YOURSELF!

Let me tell you a bit about one of my clients, I’ll call her Molly. Molly came to see me towards the end of 2009. She’d been divorced for six years and in all that time hadn’t stopped obsessing about what her ex-husband was up to. In the beginning, she would talk about only one… Read More


How To Survive Thanksgiving Tantrums and Torment With Your Crazy Family!

Thanksgiving is less than a few days away and you’re planning a traditional holiday dinner, which includes a golden turkey as the showpiece of the meal. Although the Mercy for Animals Foundation conducted an undercover investigation on the abuse these birds are subjected to – it is NOTHING compared to the amount of stress and anxiety… Read More


How Superstitions Make You Stupid

Do you have to follow some little daily ritual or your whole day goes pear-shaped? Then stop for a second. And think about it. Actually think about it. Your life being great is not dependent on getting out of bed with your right foot first. Or checking your daily angel card or wearing a lucky… Read More


Stop Saying ‘I’m Fine’ When You’re NOT

Are you always saying “I’m fine” and resisting support? It’s so interesting that the people who struggle the most and need the most help in life, usually don’t see it. They’re the people who push help and support away. They think needing support is weakness. That even admitting you need help is weakness. Do you… Read More