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How to cope with rejection without getting crushed

No matter how secure and confident you thought you were, hearing the person you love(d) say that they no longer want to be with you is a shattering experience. Even if you feel the same way, rejection is still hard to bear. Another person has just told you that they’d prefer not to be with… Read More


Give yourself (and your kids) a break: you can’t be happy all the time

When you picked up your phone this morning, what was the first thing you did? Did you have a quick skim through Facebook or Instagram? Take a sneaky peak at who “liked” that photo of you out having fun? Did you feel your mood sagging slightly if no one noticed – or get a little… Read More


Are You Using Your Kids As an (Emotional) Human Shield?

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that trash-talking the “other” parent is hurtful to your kids. I don’t have to tell you that fighting and hurling insults at each in front of them will cause them distress. I probably don’t even have to tell you that kids naturally blame themselves when their parents… Read More


The Things You Should Never, Ever Say to Someone Going Through a Divorce

At some point in our lives, most of us will go through a divorce, or at least a very painful breakup. Most of us will also experience being a shoulder to cry on when it happens to someone we love. So, when someone close to you tells you they are getting divorced, what is your… Read More


Are you trapping yourself in a divorce disaster?

Every breakup is hard. Every breakup hurts. But there are some times when a breakup is so all-consumingly awful that it’s hard to do anything but wallow in the agony of it. A vindictive, vengeful partner can add tyranny to a situation that is already fraught. These are the people that use threats, ultimatums and… Read More

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Divorce can bring out the worst in us. Don’t let it turn you toxic

To say that divorce is a nasty time is a serious understatement. Your world is crashing down around you. You’re feeling hurt and betrayed by the person you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with. You’re angry and upset. You sure as hell don’t feel like being mature and understanding right now. Trouble… Read More

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Waiting Around for the Pain to Heal Won’t Work. Time to Take Recovery into Your Own Hands.

One Sunday in November, I sat down in a busy coffee shop in Los Angeles. Four women were sitting alone, each quietly drinking their coffee. I observed their postures, their body language, their facial expressions… their sadness. All of a sudden, one woman jumped up, wiped her eyes and dashed off. After a while, the… Read More


Don’t Do It! Why You Are Not YOU in a Trauma

I’m still chuckling from a hilarious call with one of my Angels-in-Training Teresa in the States. We could not stop laughing about the things we have to do to keep our groups on track on the 21-day program. Just another day someone posted that they were ‘just settling into the garden chilling enjoying a beer’… Read More

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What is the Naked Divorce program?

In this video I would like to explain you a little bit more about our program. Its a structured approach to healing from divorce, which helps you navigate through the divorce healing steps, find the source of your divorce and bring about lasting improvements to your emotional life. Hope you enjoyed it! If you have… Read More


Happy Easter!

Easter is considered as a celebration that represents new life and lots of yummy Chocolate Easter eggs. Enjoy this beautiful holiday with your loved ones! Happy Easter! Hugs,