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This is What Happens When You Stop Making an Effort

Disney has a lot to answer for when it comes to preparing kids for real life. Stories about falling in love always end with “I do” – but we all know that’s where the hard work begins.

Relationships need nurture and care. Not just in the first flush of romance. Not just when you’re falling in love. Not just on your honeymoon.

Notebook, The Sunday Mirror, 23 August 2015

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The Naked Divorce Book – Download Today!

I’m excited to announce that both my new book Naked Divorce for Men and an updated edition of my best-selling Naked Divorce for Women book are now available!   Click to Choose Your Edition: Women’s or Men’s   To make this a total no-brainer, and so you can get the benefits of this great book right… Read More


How to Know if You’re Boring the Hell Out of Everyone You Know

Is your Facebook feed a constant stream of fascinating “realisations” and affirmations about your feelings and place in the world? Is your free time dedicated to self-pampering and “time for yourself” because, hey, you’re worth it? When you pick up the phone to call your friends, is it to see how they’re doing – or… Read More

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You Are NOT Your Emotions

Ever noticed how people have a tendency to define themselves – and others – by their emotions? He’s an angry man. She’s such a happy child. She’s a jealous girlfriend. … What a cry-baby. But your emotions aren’t your identity, or even your personality. They’re chemicals that our body releases in response to physical stimuli,… Read More


What Do Women Want? The Ashley Madison Leak Might Have Some Answers

Men didn’t just make up an estimated 95% of the site (once you discount all of the fake accounts and sex workers from the female profiles). They were also the only ones paying to use it. They had to pay to join, pay to send messages, pay to make sure women saw their messages first, and pay to open messages that were sent to them.

Women could use the site for free.

Let’s just think about that for a moment. Women could use this site for free – while men had to pay a small fortune – and yet they were outnumbered 20 to 1.

Why is this?


Ashley Madison Leak: Press Release & Data

The Naked Divorce // info@nakeddivorce.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE London – Infidelity is often cited as the reason for divorce, but infidelity is far more a consequence of earlier issues in a relationship which consequently haven’t been addressed. Unfortunately, the service that Ashley Madison has provided for the past decade met the need for a group… Read More


Why you have to accept what you can’t change… and change what you can’t accept

How much time did you waste in your last relationship, just hoping that your partner would change? And how much time did you waste complaining about the situation – but doing nothing about it? Perhaps you stayed with your ex for far longer than you should have done, just willing things to get better. Perhaps… Read More

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How to cope with rejection without getting crushed

No matter how secure and confident you thought you were, hearing the person you love(d) say that they no longer want to be with you is a shattering experience. Even if you feel the same way, rejection is still hard to bear. Another person has just told you that they’d prefer not to be with… Read More