Overcoming your failure mindset after your divorce

Find out why torturing yourself is not always a bad thing…

  • Write down what you can learn from the emotions which are hanging around
  • Agonising is often a sign that you should adjust your diet…
  • Find the Worry Buster exercise and do it today
  • Find out about how to do the Naked Divorce today…

Lots of hugs



naked divorce is operated by Adèle Théron who is an Author, Change specialist, Family Mediator and Divorce Coach - has an 11 year career in helping people cope with change. She started off in the corporate world helping people adapt to new situations and experiences created by mergers, acquisitions and large software implementations. The change techniques she created have helped thousands of people in 18 global companies worldwide. When she herself experienced a divorce in 2009, she realised that no structured processes existed to help people cope with divorce and she used her change management techniques to develop a revolutionary systemized process called the naked divorce for healing from divorce within 21 steps. Adèle has worked with professional men, women and couples as a family mediator, divorce coach and divorce program trainer, helping people heal from break ups, separations and divorce. Today countless people depend on her process to help them heal from divorce.


  1. Yes, that is really the problem, getting over the past… I still have some emotions from my earlier relationships, and I would like to get over these feelings, BUT I can’t!

  2. I’ve learned my lesson, for sure. I am nothing but emotion, but this time right emotion. At least, I hope so. I hope that all the bad things are behind me, and that I can continue with open and clear heart. It is hard sometimes, but I am getting there.

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