False Healing 101: Why Painting Over the Cracks Won’t Stop You Crumbling

Do people keep telling you to give yourself time to heal? That you just need to put some distance between yourself and your trauma? Simply wait for long enough and you’ll feel much better, get over it, and move on. Well… tell them to get stuffed. Time is not a healer. Time doesn’t do anything,… Read More


10 No-Bullsh*t Steps to Becoming the Best Version of “You” that You Can Be

Let’s face it: “New Year, New You” guides tend to be click-bait, fantasy-land nonsense. Every NYE, millions of us decide that, starting from RIGHT NOW, we’re going to be that happy, shiny, confident and all-round perfect human being we always thought we would be. We’ll spend two hours in the gym every morning before work…. Read More

Sad depressed woman sitting outdoors

Still Single and Putting Up with It? You Might Be Hiding a Self-Destructive Secret

If it’s been many months or years since your divorce, have you started dating again? If not, why? Because you genuinely want to be single? Or because you still haven’t healed and recovered from the trauma of the breakup? Because you’re not yet over your ex? When people ask you questions like these, do you… Read More


How to Survive Your First Christmas Alone: Part Two

This is the second part of the series. Haven’t read Part One yet? Click here. Okay, so you’ve pulled up your reindeer-print socks, you’ve got into the Christmas spirt (cabinet), you surrounded yourself with awesome friends and family until Boxing Day, perhaps you even scored a cheeky kiss on New Year’s Eve. But now what?… Read More


How to Survive Your First Christmas Alone: Part One

Christmas is a tough, tough time for the newly single. Ultimately, it’s a holiday that’s all about spending time with family and the people you love, which can feel like a slap in the face when your family unit is splintering or you’re slowly, painfully, falling out of love.

Everywhere you look, it seems the world is rubbing your nose in it. You’re surrounded by images of happy, loved-up couples, festive romantic comedies, adverts reminding you to buy a perfect present for that “special person” in your life. Not to mention the prospect of sitting through Christmas dinner with that emotionally defective great-aunt who can’t help asking intrusive questions about your divorce. What a minefield.

Six Reasons You’re Doomed to Marry the Wrong Person

“If anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in matrimony, let them speak now, or forever hold their peace.” Ever heard that at a friend’s wedding and secretly listed all the reasons in your head why this union is so obviously a bad idea? When half of marriages end… Read More


5 Simple Steps That Will Make You Happier Today

Everyone’s looking for that one big secret to happiness: the magical thing that will transform their lives and the outlook and allow them to feel peaceful and content. But I’m going to let you in to a secret of my own: reality is much more mundane than that. There is no magical happiness formula. There… Read More

Tied Up

How to Tell if You’re an Emotional Abuser

Do you often feel let down or undermined by your partner? Like they’re deliberately trying to wind you up or push your buttons? Do you find yourself lashing out? Shouting? Swearing at them? Treating them in ways you never could have imagined you would when you first fell in love? If so, it sounds like… Read More


Happy Halloween!

To celebrate, here’s a spooktastic and fact-filled infographic from our team!


What does our body say about us?

Inspired by this article I recently read at MindBodyGreen, I started to think about all the things our body can say about us. While that article primarily focuses on health issues that can be indicated by various physical signs, I started to think about the things our bodies say about us, and more importantly, about… Read More