Protect your children from the trauma of divorce

The fear of hurting your children’s emotions may have kept you in an unhappy marriage, but sometimes getting out is exactly what’s best for everybody. Breaking the news is never easy; however, there are ways to minimize the negatives and help guide your children through the difficult transition.
Communicate with them
From choosing the right time to [...]



Anger: How to tame our temper?

 We have all been there. The rising tension, the increase in heart rate, the feeling that we could explode – yes, we have all been angry. We have also probably been told that controlling our anger is ‘good’. And yet, more and more, people are recognizing that they are angry too often and that their [...]



Is ‘Happy Ever After’ just a Hollywood Dream?

Valentine’s Day can be very special. Temptingly chocolates, fragrant flowers, a delicious breakfast in bed, can all give you that wonderful inner glow that comes from knowing that you are very special to your partner. But once the comforting afterglow has faded, and ‘real life’ rudely interrupts again, sometimes it can seem as though your [...]


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Divorce and the economy: some surprising figures

Many people believe that hard times, such as the current recession, can put even the strongest marriage under strain, so you might expect marriages to break down more readily. However, a recent article in the Daily Mail reveals some surprising statistics. A study in the US shows that between 2008 and 2009 the divorce rate [...]



Does divorce mediation work?

For those of you who are sceptical of divorce mediation, check out this cool graphic below. It’s a good indication that if you are evaluating divorce mediation, this gives you some good tips to follow…

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New Year, New You: Don’t be like bacon-loving man. Create a Healing goal to move on!

So you ate your body weight in mince pies, turkey,chocolates and drank enough mulled wine to pickle yourself. Now what?
Now it’s time to dust yourself off and begin to think about 2014 and the NEW YOU you want to bring into being. It’s an opportunity to become clean, fresh, new and shiny bright. It’s a [...]


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