Do you have the experience, the skill and ruthless compassion to give people their lives back?

If you do, then like others before you, you can become a Divorce Angel.



We love what we do


The Naked Divorce Angels are creating a movement that helps thousands of people around the world recover from divorce trauma in 21 days or less.

Recovery is based on Science, not Science Fiction


Your structured process for healing is simple, practical and laid out step by step as well as easy to implement in your busy life.  You have a choice to do the 21-day programme with the daily support of your very own Naked Divorce Angel. You can’t fail.  We won’t let you.

The system was developed with scientifically proven trauma therapeutic techniques adapted for self use as well as a solid foundation of cognitive behavioural therapy and my personal experience. The 21-day programme has proven successful with hundreds of traumatised divorcees just like you. Find out more here.

There is a solution and it guarantees your healing in just 21 days

Our 97% Success Record speaks for itself


We believe the 97% success record of our system says it all. And we refine and improve it all the time. The customised programmes can be completed online or with the assistance of a virtual Divorce Trauma Angel and take as little as three weeks to heal and give people a new life.

This coaching programme, endorsed by trauma experts and psychologists worldwide, users have their own treatment tailored programme which includes videos, daily checklists, daily exercises, downloads, diet, fitness and graduated trackable steps so there is absolute clarity on what is to be done to heal. Get in touch to find out more about how you can treat your trauma in a whole new way.


What is a Divorce Angel?


A Divorce Angel is a highly qualified therapist trained in all the distinctions of the Naked Divorce 21-day programme

We work telephonically anywhere in the world over Skype video or phone and have international landline dial in numbers if you struggle to get online.


Within the Naked Divorce team, we have amazing Divorce Angels who will walk with you through the dark abyss of your divorce, back into the light.

Naked Divorce Angel provides you with emotional freedom from your divorce and is:

  • is a skilled professional, trained to manage a wide variety of emotions and issues that arise during divorce
  • highly skilled in the Naked Divorce process, empowering you to get yourself back together again and feel powerful again
  • skilled executive coaches trained in all therapies and techniques relevant to the 21-day programme
  • trained to support people experiencing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) using specialist coaching methods
  • will provide guidance and direction to help you find the appropriate resources you need
  • empower you to get rid of any old emotional or relationship baggage
  • empowers you to work out what you want and need from your next relationship
  • Naked Divorce coaching is specific and time-limited to what you are experiencing with your divorce or break up.
Meet the Angels

Adèle – Founder


Hi there, I am an author, executive coach and change management specialist. I have a bunch of qualifications, but primarily I have spent the past 19 years helping people cope with change and overcome trauma. Most of my life was spent working within large international corporate programmes so this is why myself and our team are so results driven. We have built our programmes to ensure you get results fast. I have worked with over 6,500 people to achieve rapid transformation and have published several books and articles and have been featured in nearly a hundred publications across the globe.

I work globally and as your Divorce Angel, you can count on me to handle anything complex. With the hundreds of people I have counseled through divorce there isn’t a situation I have not seen or encountered. I specialise in family issues, multiple traumas, General Anxiety Disorders, PTSD treatments and divorce planning. I run all the Naked Divorce Haven Retreats in Thailand, the Miracle programmes and run our Group sessions. As I am booked 3 months in advance, to enquire about the Miracle programmes or retreats, please contact us and arrange times with Shelley or Piper.

Read more about Adele here.

Kerry – Divorce Angel


Hiya, I am in my 40’s, have three kids and am an ex-model and head chef. I was married to my former husband for 17 years, divorcing almost a decade ago. My marriage was an extraordinary experience filled with love, joy but also pain. I experienced domestic abuse, aggression and violence throughout the marriage. I was also bought up in a violent and abusive family. My path was set in stone when I was in that marriage. As far as I was concerned, that was it. I became withdrawn, suppressed and at times, suicidal. I believed there was no way I could ever be free. In overcoming all of this the key aspect of my recovery was the Naked Divorce. This left me in a space of complete freedom and love for myself. I have gained so much experience and knowledge throughout my life that I can now pass on. I am proud that I have been able to empower people who have come into my life who are dealing with similar circumstances.

I have only touched on my past. Being your Divorce Angel will enable me to fullfil on something that I am truly passionate about: You achieving a life that works for you while being happily divorced. Seeing you through the course with my support (I run the Rebirth programmes), I can help you find what was previously thought to be impossible.

Teresa – Divorce Angel


Hey I am Teresa and I am a Divorce Angel living in beautiful Colorado in the United States. I completed the 21-day programme to process the feelings from my own long term break up and was amazed at how much more quickly I healed by with this daily goal-oriented framework.  My Divorce Angel supported me and kept me on track so I accomplish more in one month than I could in one year of therapy.  My passion is around healing for all especially diverse groups like multicultural and the LGBTQ population. My faith and spiritual background gives me a foundation to appreciate how each client is a gift and belief that their trauma will help them grow and be better for their next relationship. I love this programme and run Rebirth courses for Naked Divorce in the United States.

Shelley – Support Angel


Hi there, my name is Shelley, I am an extremely creative person and have a large passion in the arts as well as in writing. I have a strong Faith and love helping people. There’s an inspiration that comes from having an effect in someone’s life. Whether it’s a big life changing situation or simply lending a helping hand or bit of support you have to spare.  I believe relationships and friendships are extremely important and a massive part of our lives.

This makes me excited to be a part of the Naked Divorce, with a 21-day programme so simple but (not simply made)  it goes to show that through hard work driven by determination and  motivation to help other people, great things can be born out of that. So to be involved in something like this makes it very exciting and proud to be a part of! If you need to be in touch with me, please contact me here!

Piper – Support Angel


Hey, I’m Piper! I am the Naked Divorce’s person overseeing all-things tech. I believe in the power of community and am happy we live in a time where we can support each other, near or far, through the wonderful medium of the Internet. I spend my time spreading the word on social media, keeping the website up to date, creating visual media, and taking on projects of all sorts to help get the word out. If you need to be in touch with me, please contact me here!

Simon – Managing Director


Hey, my name is Simon and I am the Managing Director of Naked Divorce. I am responsible for operations and with Adele I help shape the future of all the Naked Recovery programmes. If you need to be in touch with me, please contact me here!

Lindsey – Writer and Researcher


Lindsey Kennedy is our amazing writer and researcher behind many of the new articles and ideas we have coming out on a weekly basis. An accomplished journalist and author in her own right, she is very passionate about the message behind Naked Divorce. She spends a lot of time interviewing Adele and the team on the latest topics and pieces are are passionate to put out there.

Geoffrey – Finance Manager


Geoffrey is the one who reminds everyone to focus on making and keeping money so we build a sustainable business. If it wasn’t for him we would probably be a charity! A chartered accountant who meets with the team quarterly and evaluates everything from profit and loss to VAT to earnings targets per quarter. You can find him as the principle accountant at and if you need to be in touch with me, please contact me here!