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A practical, 21-day, step-by-step programme for anyone going through a painful breakup or divorce




Clear Steps


Daily Tasks




Goal Orientated


Maintain high performance

“There is a solution and it guarantees your healing in just 21 days”

You are in control of your happiness

You are in control of your happiness… It may not feel that way now, but with our help, you won’t just get your life back on track, you’ll have the structure to be more resilient, more ambitious, and more courageous than you’ve ever been before. Want to start a fresh, light, happy new life now? You have the power to do it in 21 days, and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Transform in just 21 days


We’ve all heard that healing takes years, so it may seem impossible to truly have a new life in just 21 days.But it’s true. But during those long years the actual changes happen in short, powerful bursts, and you don’t need to wait for them. The healing process below condenses those magical short bursts of healing into just 3 weeks. Hundreds have already experienced how effective this system is. You could be next – if you take action today.

“Time doesn’t heal wounds, action does”

Widely acclaimed


Our 21 Day Programme is the jewel in our crown, it’s the core product and service that this business has been built around. It has delivered amazing breakthrough results for just about everyone that has taken it – and it will deliver results for you. It is widely acclaimed, not just from our customers (watch the case studies videos below), but also from the press, leading psychologists, psychiatrists and practitioners worldwide. This programme has been featured on Sky News, BBC Breakfast, in Marie Claire, Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and many many many others… Answer the 10 simply questions below to see if the course is for you

Your 21-day Programme includes…




Healing takes place over 21 unique days

Here are just a few of the results you will get

  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • Reduction in emotional highs and lows
  • A higher rate of productivity
  • Increased energy levels
  • Feel creative and alive
  • Stop jealous and obsessive thoughts
  • Clear direction and future
  • Happier and stress free
  • More emotionally stable than you have ever been
  • Peaceful interactions with your ex
  • Reconnect with yourself
  • Increased strength and resilience



No one need ever know you are doing the 21-day programme. You take a discreet test to assess where you are in your divorce journey and have your own personal package recommended to you and tailored for your healing.


You log in when it is most suitable for you and within your private dashboard portal you can review your own progress through the programme.


Clear steps


Each day you have steps to follow and a daily checklist. The programme is smart so you cannot move forward until you have completed each step.


Daily tasks


The 21-day programme also has daily exercises, readings, thoughts, downloads and an online journal.




Access the device from your laptop, mobile phone or other mobile devices any time, any place. Just 90 mins a day to your new life.


Goal Orientated


The programme can be done around your busy schedule so write out your healing goal and whilst listening to your daily Break up Reboot audio, programme this goal into the theatre of your mind…


Maintain your high performance


Having a crisis? Don’t wait till your therapist can see you. Our Divorce Angels are available around your busy schedule. Get access to help any time, anywhere.



Why Trust Me

I am a trained trauma therapist and completely understand all facets of the divorce trauma journey you are on.

I have helped hundreds of people heal and I can help you move on too…
Read my story here

“Over 1350 people have completed the programme with a 97% success rate.”

Is it for me?


The 21-day programme works for men and women. Straight, gay, bi, or complicated.

Your situation is unique, however the steps you must go through to heal are not.

Doctors, actors, teachers, un-employed, students, and many others have experienced huge benefits from completing the Naked Divorce 21 Day Programme. You can too.

The course has been designed to fit into anyone’s life-style.

Answer the 10 simply questions below to see if the course is for you

Do any of these apply to you?
(tick all that apply)

1. You’re completely out of control of your life for the first time?
2. You feel like the divorce healing journey is an unknown mystery?
3. You’re unsure about getting stuck in therapy for months with no end in sight?
4. You’re tired of rehashing the past, really want to set some goals and focus powerfully on creating a new future?
5. Your support requirements don’t fit neatly into the ‘let’s meet once a week for 1 hour’ structure?
6. You don’t want to spend most of your session bringing your counselor up to speed with the huge changes happening every week?
7. You’re unsure of how to focus on work with your hectic emotions?
8. You just can’t find the time to heal?
9. Feel you’re never going to find the right one, and possible even
destined to live a life alone?
10. Just tired of being unhappy
Want some help? Submit your answers and we will email you back.
Ticked 2 or more?

Then this programme is definitely for you.



Case Studies...


Kerry shares her story of completing the Naked Divorce 21-day programme.

Tom O

Tom Fox


You are not alone!

We are here for you throughout every step of your journey. We can work over the phone or on Skype or GotoMeeting.

Get the personal support you need to help get you through this challenging transition as effortlessly, swiftly and pain-free as possible.



Take action now


Take action – select the Men’s or Women’s programme to see prices. What have you go to lose?
The sooner you join, the sooner you can heal and start to love life gain.
“The results are proven, outstanding and 100% guaranteed. You cannot lose.”

Your transformation is guaranteed


Our programme has proven to be so powerful, that we can actually guarantee your results.

That’s a bold claim – but it’s a fact.

I personally guarantee that you will have a breakthrough during this course, and you will have gained control of your life, feel lighter, more assertive, more powerful and have more excitement for life again.

The results and progress will be undeniable – but if for any reason you not totally satisfied – you will receive all your money back.

Begin your new life in just 21 days

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