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Here’s the bad news:-

The vast majority of people will go on to have unsuccessful relationships in the future. We know this because the divorce-rate gets higher with second marriages and third marriages.

The reality is, unless you take action and get to the source of your divorce, you will not be able to go on and have sustainable and loving relationships.

Here’s the good news:-

This can be done if you choose to take action now and are committed to having a personal breakthrough then you can get over your divorce in as little as 21 days.


My name is Adèle and I have been working since 2001 with some of the world’s largest corporations, as a change management specialist, helping people adapt to new situations and experiences created by mergers, acquisitions and large software implementations through my company Luminous Limited.

Having separated from my husband in March 2009, I researched to find that there was no structured process to heal from divorce and that many professional women and men wound up in years of counselling or experiencing long-term illness and depression as a result. Consequently I used my change management, mediation and coaching techniques to develop a revolutionary systemized process for healing from divorce within 21 days.


I was my own case study and experienced a life-altering transformation resulting in a new life for myself but also a healed relationship with my ex husband. Since then, I have specialised in post-Trauma transformations and have worked with hundreds of people worldwide, helping them heal from break ups, separations and divorce.

If you find yourself feeling…

  1. ➡ Completely out of control of your life for the first time?
  2. ➡ Feeling like the divorce healing journey is an unknown mystery?
  3. ➡ Unsure about getting stuck in therapy for months with no end in sight?
  4. ➡ Tired of rehashing the past, really want to set some goals and focus powerfully on creating a new future?
  5. ➡ Your support requirements don’t fit neatly into the ‘let’s meet once a week for 1 hour’ structure?
  6. ➡ Don’t want to spent most of your session bringing your counsellor up to speed with the huge changes happening every week?
  7. ➡ Unsure of how to focus on work with your hectic emotions?
  8. ➡ Cannot find the time to heal?


Time does not heal wounds

Many forms of relationship therapy are based on the assumption that people need time to heal. I often hear of counsellors telling people that ‘time heals all wounds’.

Through my research and case studies, I have discovered that healing is not a linear, chronological process which happens over time. Healing happens in bursts when you focus on healing. So it’s not the time that heals but rather what you do with your time that helps you heal.

When you embrace the healing process they create an environment where these unpredictable ‘flashes’ or bursts of healing are more likely to occur because you are asking the right questions, analyzing the situation in a different way and taking actions to heal.

There is very real evidence that traditional methods of healing from divorce are not working. Clients can become dependent on their therapist and many therapies and counselling courses have no defined goals to achieve. In fact, most people who do the naked divorce program have been stuck in therapy for years…

Features of the naked divorce…

  1. ➡ Discreet
  2. ➡ Goal-orientated
  3. ➡ 21-days of intense focus and you are ready to begin your new life
  4. ➡ Clear and transparent steps
  5. ➡ Daily routines and checklist to keep you grounded and focused
  6. ➡ Exercises to help you stay focused at work
  7. ➡ Tips on what to say and do with your kids and your ex
  8. ➡ Can be done around your busy schedule


The naked divorce programme bases its healing techniques on the scientific principles of Perturbation® theory so the 21-day programme is split into 3 phases:

Divorce Cocoon (days 1-4)

When you have a powerful container around you, you can withstand and use the strong forces and pressure from your divorce as a catalyst to transform yourself into anything you want to be. Through the first breakthrough and the first few days of the naked divorce programme, you will create a strong solid foundation so you have a supportive environment to contain your transformation. As an analogy, the first stage of the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, the caterpillar’s skin grows into a strong protective cocoon, so within the naked divorce, this container is known as the Divorce Cocoon. Being cocooned leads to a sense of feeling invincible in life.

A person is invincible when they:-

  1. ➡ are able to stand tall in the face of tough change and not be thrown off course.
  2. ➡ are confident and have a healthy sense of self-esteem
  3. ➡ are able to hold their position and withstand tough criticism, pressure and unfair judgment without being thrown off balance

When you have this powerful invincible cocoon around you, you can withstand and use the strong forces from your divorce as a catalyst to transform yourself into anything you want to be. It also means you can heal faster. This transformation will also make you stronger in the face of other challenges in your life.

The techniques used within the first few days show you how to influence the critical variables in your thinking, variables that can alter the neurochemistry of your brain and body. When you learn how to think about your ex in a different way, you change the way your body is reacting. You no longer feel the same. As mentioned, you have rewritten the operating software of your brain and you cannot run the old programmes any longer. The way you think about him, your past and your future is released from the repetitive, painful thinking.

In this time you will:

  1. ➡ Get grounded in the ETHICS of the programme.
  2. ➡ Get grounded in the STRUCTURE and Grounded Routine of the programme.
  3. ➡ Find ways to handle your emotions and find out where you are within the naked divorce grieving cycle.
  4. ➡ There will be a TEST which you need to pass checking that your Divorce Cocoon is in place before you commence with Metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis (days 5-14)

Once inside the Divorce Cocoon, the next phase called Metamorphosis begins. From the outside of the cocoon, it looks as if the caterpillar may just be resting, but the inside is where all of the action is. Inside the cocoon, the caterpillar is rapidly changing.

You will be doing intensive work to focus on your old relationship, what you learnt, what the source of your divorce was, getting over your ex-husband, healing your heart and repairing relationship wounds. Rapid changes happen within a fairly rapid period of time provided that the three principles of healing are stuck to, namely;

There are three healing principles to follow to do the naked divorce program.

Healing Principle Number 1: Focus with High Intention on your healing

Ever notice how when you focus on something with intention, it gets done quicker?

This is why classroom trainings over a few weeks are more effective than distance learning over 6 months. When you take your time, sometimes you focus on the subject and sometimes you don’t, ultimately getting the work done takes longer.

The naked divorce works because you bring all your focus and intention towards healing AND you do this consistently over a 21 day period.

Imagine dedicating 21 days of your life to your healing and the end results is that due to this investment of time, the majority of the agony and pain of healing is over?

It’s like popping a dislocated shoulder back into it’s socket; it hurts – but once done, you can heal properly.

Now we are not even saying you should take 21 days off work – it’s about dedicating 90 minutes each day plus weekends to focusing intensively on your healing.

FOCUSING with HIGH INTENTION on your healing is the first principle and philosophy behind our program.

Healing Principle Number 2: Take Courageous Healing Steps Daily

Many people, fear the turbulent transition of divorce. They lose faith and they go back to the old way of life where they are avoiding the pain or finding a comfort zone in their healing.

When we do that, when we run counter to our gut knowing that change must come, we have to rationalize our cowardice. “Better the devil you know,” we say, “than the devil you don’t know.” And so we cast out the world that might have been, the healing that might have been and remain stuck in old ways.

In Adele’s work with men and women in the area of change management and within mediation and divorce coaching, she noticed that some people seem to have an ability to accept the hurts and disappointments of life and move on. They are goal orientated and know that the future is where they’re headed, not the past. They take active steps in healing and keep taking action in a positive direction.

Others, however, seem to get stuck. They remain in the past and in their pain, as if those events had just happened, playing the “wait and see” game.

Interestingly, time played no factor in the one group moving on and the other group remaining stuck. It had to do with what they did within that time that made the difference. What kills healing is passivity over time. Passivity pretends to be our ally, but it is really our tormentor. The timid part of ourselves fails to realize that more solutions would be found if we participated actively in our healing. If we “wait and see”, healing becomes stuck.

Healing requires COURAGE. If you take healing steps daily, your healing will be faster than if you took those steps weekly or monthly. Miraculous healing happens in the presence of courageous action.

Healing Principle Number 3: Around-the-Clock Support

Healing does not happen linearly, with the right support appearing once a week. Healing at pace requires around-the-clock support so that whenever you need to call or contact your support person, you have someone who can assist you.

The naked divorce team is available to support you BUT you can do the programme without us, provided you have a naked divorce Angel on hand (discussed within the program).

During Metamorphosis, it’s important for the caterpillar to stay in the cocoon to experience the phases of metamorphosis, just like it’s important that once you commence the naked divorce 21-day program to stay in the program until the transformation is complete.

Metamorphosis begins by surrendering and truly feeling your emotions. You will start to work through how you feel about your ex and your divorce. Do not move into Metamorphosis until the Divorce Cocoon is established.

In this time you will:

  1. ➡ Write your relationship story
  2. ➡ Get clear on everything you learnt from your old relationship and list out what you will do better in the future.
  3. ➡ Express your anger by bashing a massive bag of ice like your life depended on it.
  4. ➡ Find out what generalisations you have made about your ex.
  5. ➡ Restore a balanced view of your ex (whether that means falling out of love with your ex or putting an end to hating your ex).

Release (days 15-21)

Once Metamorphosis has completed, you are ready to begin the work on your future, your desires for your next relationship, your relationship with yourself and getting back in touch with who you are as a person. You are then entering the final stages of Release and at the conclusion of this phase, not only will you feel more alive but you will begin to be free from the constraints of the past and from making excuses to delay having the life you deserve and love.

The final 7 days are all about you rebuilding yourself emotionally.
In this time you will:

  1. ➡ ‘Dehypnotise’ yourself from false beliefs and rid yourself of the ‘ex hexes’ of relationship baggage.
  2. ➡ Work on your values and who you are now that you’re no longer married.
  3. ➡ Work on setting boundaries.
  4. ➡ Develop a personal manifesto for your life.
  5. ➡ Get back in touch with the dreams you had for your life and put plans into action to live some of those dreams, starting today.
  6. ➡ Acknowledge yourself and celebrate your achievements.

21-day-packageEvery day

  1. ➡ You will be able to work.
  2. ➡ You will spend 90 minutes working on the program daily.
  3. ➡ You will have a checklist to follow so you feel grounded and focused.
  4. ➡ Alongside daily exercises, there are 5 daily conditioning processes to follow which include:-
  5. ➡ Acknowledging how you feel
  6. ➡ Daily Declarations
  7. ➡ Acknowledging your successes
  8. ➡ What to do when you are feeling overly emotional at inappropriate times
  9. ➡ Processes before going to bed
  10. ➡ and MUCH MUCH more!

Results experienced by the hundreds of people who have done the programme

  1. ➡ Improved sleeping patterns
  2. ➡ Reduction in emotional highs and lows
  3. ➡ A higher rate of productivity
  4. ➡ Increased energy levels and a greater sense of well-being
  5. ➡ A better quality of life
  6. ➡ More peaceful interactions with your ex
  7. ➡ Painless stress and so healthier
  8. ➡ Ability to deal with responsibilities –
  9. ➡ Even more effectively than before the divorce
  10. ➡ Increased creativity
  11. ➡ More level-headed
  12. ➡ A halt to jealous and obsessive thoughts

quoteThe 21-day programme has a 97% success rate



We are SO confident in the success of the 21-day programme that we have a MONEY BACK guaranteeguarantee

A proven treatment with a 97% success rate

It has been scientifically proven that suppressing and not dealing with your emotions can lead to premature ageing, weight gain and illness. The Naked Divorce 21-day programme is a proven psychological process rooted in proven trauma treatment techniques that have been around for over 100 years. The 21-day programme comes with a *WARNING*: it’s known to exceed expectations and over 500 people reporting a 97% success rate with no recurring issues or trauma. That is why so many experts endorse the 21-day programme and have used it within their own therapeutic practice too.

Sexless Marriage

What’s cool about it?

  • It’s done online and tailored to divorce trauma completely
  • Other than some basic prep, it takes 21 days to complete the programme
  • It’s graduated with trackable steps
  • You have access to 24/7 support with our virtual therapists (we call them Divorce Angels)
  • The programme is easily accessible via your mobile devices whilst enabling you to do cool things like print out your online journal any time
  • You are held accountable – we send you an email when you disappear because we miss you
  • The 21-day programme is transformative and life changing
  • It’s fast, logical and structured – we don’t like fluffy therapy either
  • The programme is designed holistically and includes a health, fitness and specialised Trauma treatment diet
  • Most of all we are super discreet and have no idea who you are so no one ever needs to know that you are doing this programme (although if you want to tell people, we will be very chuffed.

Get over your divorce in 21 days GUARANTEED

We are so confident that this 21-day programme works that we absolutely guarantee your healing when you work with one of our trained Divorce Angels or your money back.

This programme comes with a *warning* as it’s known to exceed expectations!


Armed with the knowledge of how to help people process the trauma, I promise you are going to feel like you can start your new life within 21 days of this programme. Within just 2 weeks of dedicated effort, you’ll see dramatic improvements emerging. You’ll notice:

  1. You will start feeling better about yourself
  2. You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt what happened to cause the break up or divorce, what your relationship patterns have been in the past and how to ensure it never happens again
  3. You will process your hurt, frustration, anger and learn the secret to authentic forgiveness
  4. You will have more energy and feel more alive
  5. You will learn the secret of being fulfilled as a person, with or without a relationship
  6. You will value your own self, your own growth and your own development in a way that lets everyone know that you are your own person
  7. You will experience loving yourself and be proud of how you put your baggage back in the past where it belongs

And there’s one more thing you’ll notice.

I can’t say when. It may happen the day you finish the programme… within the first couple of weeks… or several months down the road, but it will happen. I guarantee it.

It’s what I call…

The “Magic Moment”

It’s magic because you’ll see exciting changes happening in your life, but you won’t believe it. At the moment it happens… You suddenly find yourself awed by what’s happening to you. You stop what you’re doing. Feel a weight lift from your shoulders. And smile.

Why? Two reasons. First, any doubts or scepticism you had about finding true passion, love, and connection disappears.

And second… for perhaps the very first time… you see an incredibly bright future unfolding before you.

Your magic moment could happen at any time.

I want you to experience your magic moment… and turn your love life into the exciting adventure it is meant to be.

And now it’s up to you to make it happen.

Don’t let another day go by. Make the decision right now to give yourself the wonderful gift of true love and happiness – with the perfect person for you…

You can make this dream a reality. See what this programme is all about…

Take the first step towards healing and take charge of your healing today





This healing programme is different

  • Avoid a never-ending healing process which could take 6-48 months
  • You don’t need to travel to appointments – do them in the comfort of your own home around your busy schedule
  • You are not dealing with a speculative, untested or fluffy programme. This has been tried and tested. It has worked for hundreds of people and it can work for you
  • Time does not heal wounds so it’s up to you to heal yourself
  • Take that first big step and begin your new life after 21 days


The 21-day Programme

  • Does what it says on the tin
  • Helps you feel alive
  • Gets you out of a rut
  • Helps you start afresh
  • Takes you from vulnerable to certainty
  • With you every step of the way
  • Perturbation Therapy – a trauma therapy approach designed for self-help
  • Highly skilled
  • Transparent, predictable process

And it doesn’t have to be difficult

- You don’t need to do all the heavy emotional lifting you may have done before.

In fact, it can – and should be – one of the most enjoyable, fulfilling experiences of your life. I hope you’ll let me show you how.

Your Friend,



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