• Time does not
    heal wounds -

    action does…

  • Just did it and
    it’s amazing! -

    This is a life changing programme…

  • Divorce is not just
    about you -

    To be there for others, you must help yourself first

  • Kerry

    Divorce scarred
    me for years -

    Until I did the 21 day programme

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Get Past the Pain

With our 97% success rate, you can take back control over your life and your emotions in just 21 days, and start healing today.  Hi, I’m Adele Theron, watch my short introduction video!

Are you in Breakup Breakdown?

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“Time will not heal your wounds. Action does.”

The bad news


The vast majority of people will go on to have unsuccessful relationships in the future.  We know this because the divorce rate gets higher with second and third marriages.

The reality is, unless you take action and get to the source of your divorce, you won’t be able to go on and have sustainable and loving relationships.

The good news


Your divorce healing journey is not an unknown mystery.  And you don’t have to live with the pain forever, or repeat the same relationship patterns ever again.

The healing process simply needs the right focus, support and careful progression through the stages of transformation.  With a discreet system even the busiest of professionals can follow.

Transform in just 21 days

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We’ve all heard that healing takes years, so it may seem impossible to truly have a new life in just 21 days.

But during those long years the actual changes happen in the short, powerful bursts, and you don’t need to wait for them.  The healing process below focuses all those magical short bursts of healing and much more into just 3 weeks.

Hundreds have already experienced how effective this system is.  You can be the next.

Case Studies...


Kerry shares her story of completing the Naked Divorce 21-day programme.




A Proven Treatment with a 97% Success Rate


Use the world’s only 21-day divorce recovery programme to truly heal and transform your life.

You can quickly get past the pain and healed to enjoy life again, instead of sitting on a therapist’s couch for years reliving your past.  Just listen to our success stories below.

When you follow our healing principles to toughen yourself and regain control, release all emotional trauma, and then build a happy, exciting new life – your success is guaranteed.  Or we’ll return your fee.

Why the 21-day Programme will work for you


Your structured process for healing is simple, practical and laid out step by step.  Easy to implement in your busy life.  You have a choice to do the programme with the daily support of your very own Naked Divorce Angel. You can’t fail.  We won’t let you.

The system was developed with proven trauma and PTSD therapeutic techniques adapted for self use as well as a solid foundation of cognitive behavioural therapy and my personal experience. The programme has proven successful with hundreds of traumatised divorcees just like you. Find out more here  

You have a choice: get busy living or get busy suffering. Choose wisely!

How you can achieve your Transformation in just 21 days

First you’ll go through the Divorce Cocoon phase, empowering yourself and regaining control of your mind and life. Then Metamorphosis, truly understanding your old relationship and releasing all anger and negative emotions. Then the beautiful Release phase, creating the exciting fresh new life you love and deserve. Find out more by checking out the programme.

“Time doesn’t heal wounds, action does”

Your Proven Solution


Your 21-day Programme includes…





No one need ever know you are doing the 21-day programme. You take a discreet test to assess where you are in your divorce journey and have your own personal package recommended to you and tailored for your healing.


You log in when it is most suitable for you and within your private dashboard portal you can review your own progress through the programme.


Clear steps


Each day you have steps to follow and a daily checklist. The programme is smart so you cannot move forward until you have completed each step.


Daily tasks


The 21-day programme also has daily exercises, readings, thoughts, downloads and an online journal.




Access the device from your laptop, mobile phone or other mobile devices any time, any place


Goal Orientated


Write out your healing goal and whilst listening to your daily Break up Reboot audio, programme this goal into the theatre of your mind…


Maintain your high performance


Having a crisis? Don’t wait till your therapist can see you. Our Divorce Angels are available around your busy schedule. Get access to help any time, anywhere.



Why Trust Me

I am a trained trauma therapist and completely understand all facets of the divorce trauma journey you are on. I have helped hundreds of people heal and I can help you move on too…
Read my story here

Over 750 people have completed the programme at a 97% success rate.

Take your First Step now…

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Your first step to a new, empowered, love-filled life is to choose from Resolve, Rebirth or The Miracle now. Then click on the See prices button to begin your transformation to your new life today. Imagine life without the hurt, anger, depression and sadness. You’re just 21 days away from a fresh new you.

21-day Online programme
Email support 24/7
Online Angel
Access on mobile devices
Videos and Clinical Audios
Group Support
Support Duration
Group calls
Guaranteed Result
Private Angel Daily Coaching
Price USD $


21-day Online programme

Email support 24/7

Online Angel

Access on mobile devices

Videos and Clinical Audios

Group Support

Support Duration

21 days

Group calls

Guaranteed Result

Private Angel Daily Coaching


Most Popular


21-day Online programme

Email support 24/7

Online Angel

Access on mobile devices

Videos and Clinical Audios

Group Support

Support Duration

30 days

Group calls

Guaranteed Result

Private Angel Daily Coaching



21-day Online programme

Email support 24/7

Online Angel

Access on mobile devices

Videos and Clinical Audios

Group Support

Support Duration

45 days

Group calls

Guaranteed Result

Private Angel Daily Coaching